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April 2019
Eternity or bust

Is the end nigh for Creeper?

The band are counting down and warning that 6 remain
Published: 8:42 pm, August 01, 2018Words: Ali Shutler. Photos: Phil Smithies.
Is the end nigh for Creeper?

Creeper love a good mystery.

They always have done. They always will. But now people are questioning just how long always actually is.

Following on from 'some tweets' Will made about the uncertain future of the band, Creeper have started sounding ominous. 


But what does it mean? Well, the band have six members so maybe they're planning on eliminating them one-by-one until someone is left to go solo, like a goff Panic! At The Disco.

More likely though, it's something to do with the number of live shows the band have left until something changes. Currently Creeper are booked to play both Reading & Leeds Festivals alongside three intimate warm-up shows. If our maths is correct, that's five.

Every year Creeper 'do' a Hallowe'en show though, which would make it six remaining.  And there just so happens to be a countdown on their website that ends on November 1st 2018 (or The Day After Hallowe'en) alongside the Peter Pan quote, "To die would be an awfully big adventure" and the epitaph 'Creeper/Cult 2014-2018'.  

So, whether they're planning on killing The Callous Heart off and starting a new chapter, are just disappearing into the sunset or are planning something entirely different, November 1st is when it's probably going to happen.

Stay Tuned Folks.


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