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August 2020
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InTechnicolour have a new album, two new singles, and new UK tour

They'll play Big Scary Monsters' Christmas party, too.
Published: 8:46 pm, December 05, 2019
InTechnicolour have a new album, two new singles, and new UK tour

InTechnicolour have a new album, two new singles, and new UK tour coming up.

The band will release new full-length 'Big Sleeper' on 21st February 2020 via Big Scary Monsters, preceded by lead double a-side single 'Miami Funk' / 'Doomer'.

Vocalist Tobie Anderson comments: "I am obsessed with documentaries, it's essentially all I regularly consume (besides beer and weed). The lyrics for 'Miami Funk' came from watching docs that only ever seem to point a finger at a problem (or camera if you want to be literal). They don't offer any solutions, they don't offer any explanation, the journalist or filmmaker is just there, existing, watching the problem or subject as a passive bystander. I don't believe this has always been the case and it's not an accusation I would level at all documentary filmmakers, but there are certainly a large number who fit this shoe. So 'Miami Funk' is my remedial way of poking fun at this trend."

"'Doomer' is about getting older," he adds. "It's about realising that I'm not eighteen anymore and in my weird mind, that means my time might be running out? If that makes any sense to 'normal people'. It's about feeling like I might be running out of time and making sure I have made the right choices and chosen to spend my life with the best people. To a certain extent, it's also about a reluctance to get older, that weird feeling we all get, like my fingernails are being pried from my body as I try desperately to hold onto that concept of youth."

Check out the songs below, and catch the band at Big Scary Monsters' Xmas Party at The Lexington, London on 19th December, as well as the following:

18 Newcastle, Tyne Bank Brewery
19 Glasgow, Broadcast
20 Bristol, The Exchange
21 London, The Black Heart
23 Brighton, The Pipelin


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