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Guitarist/vocalist Taylor Lumley has left Beartooth

He’s left “to focus more on my life and my art.”

Guitarist/vocalist <strong>Taylor Lumley</strong> has left <strong>Beartooth</strong>

Guitarist/vocalist Taylor Lumley has quit Beartooth “to focus more on my life and my art.”

“I love all the dudes in our band and crew like family and there was no ill will at all,” he continues.

“Thank y’all for loving me through this chapter of my life, and encouraging me to love myself.”

The band followed up the news with a statement of their own, which reads: “Our close friend and brother Taylor Lumley has decided to leave Beartooth in order to focus on other creative endeavors.

“We wish him love, success, and happiness in his journey. Thanks for sticking with us in this transitional period. We’ll have some new tunes for you guys ASAP!”

Beartooth released their most recent album, ‘Aggressive’ in 2016.

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