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Green Day tease new songs on ‘God’s Favourite Band’ greatest hits album

Compilation out in November features ‘Back In The USA’ and a collaboration with Miranda Lambert

Green Day tease new songs on ‘God’s Favourite Band’ greatest hits album

Green Day have announced a new greatest hits compilation, titled ‘God’s Favourite Band’, due for release on November 17th.

The California punks made the announcement as they prepare to wrap up their ‘Revolution Radio’ tour in South America next month. The tongue-in-cheek title is a long-running Green Day joke (eagle-eyed fans may recognise it from concert film ‘Bullet in a Bible’).

Two new songs are included, the as-yet unheard ‘Back In The USA’  and a new recording of ‘Revolution Radio’ closer ‘Ordinary World’ featuring country star Miranda Lambert.

It marks the trio’s second ‘best-of’ after 2002’s ‘International Superhits’. The new compilation features cuts from the six studio albums the band has released since ‘American Idiot’ propelled them to stadium status in 2004, as well as golden oldies from punk classic ‘Dookie’.

Bundles are currently available for pre-order from the band’s webstore.


1. 2000 Light Years Away

2. Longview

3. Welcome To Paradise

4. Basket Case

5. When I Come Around

6. She

7. Brain Stew

8. Hitchin’ A Ride

9. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

10. Minority

11. Warning

12. American Idiot

13. Holiday

14. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

15. Wake Me Up When September Ends

16. Know Your Enemy

17. 21 Guns

18. Oh Love

19. Bang Bang

20. Still Breathing

21. Ordinary World [feat. Miranda Lambert]

22. Back In The USA


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