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The Gospel Youth are winners on the cover of the new issue of Upset

The album’s called ‘Always Lose’, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take home the prize.

The Gospel Youth are winners on the cover of the new issue of Upset

Our first ever issue has August 2015 on the cover, fact fans, so we’re guessing this – our August 2017 issue – means we’ve made it to two years. We’re allowed to start being terrible now.

Shut up at the back.

We’re holding off the tantrums for now, though, because we’ve got bands to bring you, and this month we’re throwing it all behind something we believe in.

We’ve had a string of brilliant UK bands arrive with blinding debut albums over the last few years. Genuine contenders who have both the natural talent and blistering form to deliver on the world stage. And now we’ve got another.

The Gospel Youth’s debut album ‘Always Lose’ is a work of brilliance. Trust us – that’s why we’ve given it a full five stars out of five. It’s also why we’ve brought them straight to the Upset cover. When we come across something this special, it’s our job to go all in, right?

Elsewhere this month, we’re indulging a bit, inviting in all our faves. There’s the brilliant Manchester Orchestra, the equally fantastic Sheer Mag, our chums Creeper, and the returning might of The Xcerts, and that’s just for starters.

There’s our huge Download 2017 round up, interviews with Fangclub, Waxahatchee, Best Ex, Silverstein and Us & Us Only, and reports from the road as Linkin Park face the fans with their daring new direction. Add to that Estrons, Dasher and Pillow Queens in our new bands section About To Break, all the latest reviews, and a Punk Goes Pop face-off in Rock DJ, and we’re ready for anything. And if that’s not enough, we’ve got a run of 8 brilliant mini-posters to fill those gaps on your wall.

You can pick up and read the new issue of Upset now. Order a copy below or subscribe here and never miss another issue again. You can also read it online here. You know it makes sense.

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