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April 2019

Diet Cig want to release a new record in 2018

“It’s exciting to be like, 'we’re going to do another one’"
Published: 2:49 pm, January 16, 2018
Diet Cig want to release a new record in 2018
We love Diet Cig. Debut album ‘Swear I’m Good At This’ is still on heavy rotation at Upset HQ (and our singing still isn’t getting any better).

2017 saw Diet Cig travel all over the place, bringing joy, glitter and catharsis with them. 2018 is already gearing up to be just as busy with a mammoth US tour alongside The Spook School kicking off in a handful of days. There’s also the small matter of album two.

“The next thing is the next record. We’re talking about it,” grins Noah Bowman. “We haven’t had a chance to sit down and write it yet but it’s definitely in the back of our heads that it’ll be coming out at some point. Hopefully next year,” he teased while the band were in London last year.

“We want to write some songs for it in January and have another record out at some point soonish,” agrees Alex Luciano “Everyone’s always asking us about a second record. I guess writing music is our job now. It’s so fun, we are artists,” she beams. “It’s exciting to be like, 'we’re going to do another one’. I’m still nervous about writing a whole other album though. It’s the same feeling as before. I know I can do this but a whole album, twelve songs, that’s a lot of songs.

“It’s alright,” promises Noah. “All our songs are so short, we’ll just chop them in half. We’ll write long ones and cut them in half. I have ideas for things but I don’t think anything’s going to come together until we’re actually sitting in a practice space.”

“I want to really start learning how to play guitar that isn’t beginner level ‘ok that sounds good, stuff. I want to learn, not full-blown music theory, but why things sounds good. I want to have guitars more present on this next record but we’ll see.”

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