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Delaire, the Liar come out swinging with ‘Guilt and Recourse’

This might just be your favourite new band

<strong>Delaire, the Liar</strong> come out swinging with <strong>‘Guilt and Recourse’</strong>

Everyone say hello to your favourite new band.

They’re called Delaire, the Liar. They’re a two-piece from London who cherry pick the very best of a bunch of your favourite bands while sounding like no one else. And, they’ve just signed to Crooked Noise Records.

That’s not where the good news stops though.

Not ones to hang around, the band have just released their debut EP ‘Not Punk Enough‘. Refusing to play by the rules but still packing a snarling grin, a razor sharp edge and plenty of barbed hooks, it’s a firestorm of an introduction. You can check the whole thing out below.

“The word ‘punk’ has many meanings, but as far as the title of this record goes it’s a comment on how difficult it can be to be sure of yourself in an ever-changing world,” explain the band. “The EP is an expression of the frustration we keep internalised at the prospect of not being ‘good’ enough and, further, the damage we can inflict on others when we externalise those insecurities. We are so excited to share this music with everyone.”

We know you’re busy people though so if you need a starting point, Delaire, the Liar have also just unveiled the video for ‘Guilt and Recourse‘. Swing into it here.

If, like us, you’ve fallen head over heels with this band and want more, you’re in luck. The pair are set to play an EP release show this Sunday (17th June) at The Constitution, in Camden. Entry is 10p and the first ten people through the door get a free limited edition cassette of ‘Not Punk Enough’. The rest of you will just have to go give Crooked Noise Records some money.

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