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August 2020

Dancehall debut their addictive new track, 'KO'

Sub-three minutes of guitars and snarking at stupid colleagues.
Published: 10:43 am, October 09, 2017
Dancehall debut their addictive new track, 'KO'
London-based garage-pop trio Dancehall have dropped their new single ‘KO’, a track they’re planning to release on pea green cassettes and risograph printed sleeves for Cassette Store Day 2017 (Saturday, 14th October).

“”Just sing two notes and play three notes" is as playful as it is serious,” the band explain. “It's real, pure, no bullshit and simple. Not hiding behind metaphor or fallacy or clever posturing.

“Herding your enemies into an oncoming train... yeah that's fun. That's a twisted daydream punctuating the wasted time/energy with people, ex-work colleagues(!) that are determined to drag you down and fake their shit."

Listen to ‘KO’ below.

Dancehall play The Lock Tavern on Friday, 13th October with Weird Sex. Catch them at:

13 The Lock Tavern, Camden
14 TBC, Amsterdam, Netherlands
15 Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands
17 TBC, Bristol
20 Harbour Arm, Folkestone

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