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July 2020
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Cultdreams have announced their new album, ‘Things That Hurt’

Check out lead single ‘We Never Rest (feat. TWIABP)’.
Published: 2:49 pm, June 11, 2019
Cultdreams have announced their new album, ‘Things That Hurt’

Cultdreams (formerly Kamikaze Girls) have announced their new album, ‘Things That Hurt’.

The full-length will be released on 16th August via Big Scary Monsters Records, preceded by lead single ‘We Never Rest (feat. TWIABP)’.

“People are expected to work a stable job, to earn as much money as possible, to live what is said to be a ‘traditional’ heteronormative lifestyle,” vocalist/guitarist Lucinda Livingstone says of the song.

“Personally I very much live in a bubble - people couldn’t care less about how I live, who I live with, how much money I do or don’t earn, what I look like, or how I choose to spend my time, but then it’s so easy to get used to the bubble, and once you’re out it’s not like that anymore.”

The band’s debut, ‘Seafoam’, came out in 2017.


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