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Check out The Yada Yada Yadas’ new single, ‘Woke Up Strange’

It’s the follow-up to the band’s debut EP, released in January.

Check out <strong>The Yada Yada Yadas’</strong> new single, <strong>‘Woke Up Strange’</strong>

Durham newcomers The Yada Yada Yadas have released their new single ‘Woke Up Strange’, the follow-up to debut ‘Oceans’ and EP ‘Way… No Way…’, released in January via Silent Kid Records.

Speaking of the release, the band explain: “Woke Up Strange is alternative rock in disguise. Hiding behind it’s unfolding overlapping hooks lay a pool of screaming guitars bathed in fuzz, rising upwards as they’re kissed by the light of the morning sun and born again to lay the foundations of a pop song.

“Narratively, the track has many insights to offer about the nature of conformity, the ever pesky and elusive ideological ‘Man’, and simple agreed fashion etiquette. Dynamic contrast is a huge part of our sound, and here in Woke Up Strange, this is demonstrated once more as screams dissolve into sweet melodies, and horrendous dissonance builds toward serene resolution.”

Catch the band live this June, at Music Box Festival in Darlington on the 3rd, and Evolution Emerging in Newcastle Upon Tyne on the 9th.

Listen to ‘Woke Up Strange’ below.

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