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December 2018 / January 2019

Check out HalfNoise's latest new track, 'She Said'

It's the latest cut from the forthcoming 'Flowerss' EP.
Published: 10:08 pm, April 12, 2018
Check out HalfNoise's latest new track, 'She Said'
A new song from HalfNoise's forthcoming EP has landed online.

Titled 'She Said', the track follows up on last week's 'All That Love Is' and title track 'Flowerss', ahead of the EP's release on 4th May.

"'She Said' lyrically is such a repetitive and straightforward song that I feel it really helps drive home this core theme for me," Farro told NPR. "More so than about a specific person or relationship, 'She Said' is a reminder that if we live in our own heads and we overthink life and love, we will end up missing what's already right in front of us. The repetitive guitar riff throughout the song echoes this constant human need to remind ourselves to let life happen and to not just live inside your own head."

You can check out 'She Said' below.

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