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July 2019

Check out Against Me!'s version of Jim Carroll Band's 'People Who Died'

It's their contribution to forthcoming charity compilation 'Songs That Saved My Life'.
Published: 12:21 pm, October 10, 2018
Check out Against Me!'s version of Jim Carroll Band's 'People Who Died'

Against Me! have debuted their contribution to forthcoming charity compilation 'Songs That Saved My Life'.

The collection features bands covering tracks that “played a pivotal role in the lives of artists and fans.” Against Me!'s offering is a version of Jim Carroll Band's 'People Who Died', taken from their 1980 debut 'Catholic Boy'.

“Choosing to cover a song that is filled with death to be featured on a compilation dedicated to the thought that music can save your life seemed completely fitting to me,” Laura Jane Grace told Rolling Stone. “I’ve always thought music was about taking all the sadness, pain, fear and trouble that you have weighing on you and turning it into something empowering, celebratory and life-affirming.”

You can find more about the 'Songs That Saved My Life' compilation, and why the artists picked the tracks they did, in the new issue of Upset, out this Friday, 12th October.


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