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Cassels announce pre-album album ‘Foreword’

‘Foreword’ is a collection of everything released so far PLUS three new songs.

Cassels announce pre-album album ‘Foreword’

Articulate noise-makers Cassels have an impressive collection of songs scattered across The Internet. Thing is, stuff gets lost. Forgotten. Falls down the back of the e-sofa as excitement around a debut album takes over.

Luckily Cassels have found a solution. Ahead of their first full-length (hopefully out later this year) the band have stuck everything they’ve released so far in one place AND added three new songs for good measure.

Foreword‘ is out April 7th via our pals in Big Scary Monsters and you can listen to one of those new songs below. Isn’t that nice? It is. Here’s ‘The Weight‘.

And here’s the tracklisting for good measure.

1.The Weight
3.The World Doesn’t Need Another You or Me
4.Sights for Sore Eyes
5.666 Feet
6.I Swipe Right
7.Hating is Easy
8.Flock Analogy
9.Beach Baby
11.Ignoring All the Tunnels and Lights
12.Well Fed Worms in a Graveyard
13.You Us and They
14.Cool Box

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