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September 2022

Born Without Bones have signed with Pure Noise Records for a new EP

Check out their new single 'Disappear'.
Published: 11:19 am, July 15, 2021
Born Without Bones have signed with Pure Noise Records for a new EP

Born Without Bones have signed with Pure Noise Records.

The band are going to release a new EP called 'Pictures of the Sun' on 27th August, a five-track effort preceded by new single 'Disappear'. They've also reissues for their albums ‘Say Hello’ and ‘Baby’ coming up.

“’Disapearer’ is the only song we didn’t finish while recording ‘Baby’ with J. Robbins back in 2012,” the band explain. “Since our initial failure to make something out of it, we had taken it off the shelf a few times to see if there was still life left in it. Fortunately, we were able to preserve the things that we always loved about it while bringing the song to a totally new place. It’s the most Dr. Frankenstein we’ve ever got with one of our songs. It’s a song about when home doesn’t feel like home anymore and trying to break free from the failures of your past. It’s also about family and how you don’t need to sustain the shortcomings of your roots. You can build something totally new for yourself and those you love and inspire positivity and growth in your life.”

Check it out below; the full tracklisting reads:

1. I Was In Love
2. Disappearer
3. Falling Asleep
4. Baby
5. Wishing (You) Well


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