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Black Surf premiere acoustic version of ‘Vultures’

The original track is taken from the band’s recent album.

Black Surf premiere acoustic version of ‘Vultures’

Black Surf have released an acoustic version of their track ‘Vultures’ – give it a listen below, first on Upset. The original song appears on the band’s recent album, ‘Let’s Pretend It’s Summer’ released in December last year, while this new one is taken from their Australia Hall session EP, available for free download here.

Vocalist/Guitarist Ali Epstone says: “Whilst out in Australia in 2014, I formed Black Surf over Facetime and Dropbox with guitarist Phil Jones (In Leeds, UK).
I recorded the vocals for the first Black Surf EP out there, while Phil recorded @Greenmountstudios in Leeds.
The producer Jaco of Audio Culture ZA encouraged me to record some acoustic versions of the EP and any other songs I had, while we waited for the mix.
So we recorded a session at this fancy and prestigious Australia Hall in Sydney that he had access to.
This acoustic version was actually the first incarnation of the song that we’d later release on ‘Let’s Pretend It’s Summer’.
It’s pretty naked, vulnerable and raw and gives the song an entirely other life.”

Black Surf have also just launched their own podcast Thoughts & Talks with Black Surf, with the first episode discussing Faith No More’s ‘King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime’ and weight lifting, among other things. Check that out here.