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August 2019
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Black Peaks are on the cover of the new Upset, out now

With their exceptional new album 'All That Divides' on the way, they're fronting up our new issue.
Published: 12:00 am, September 14, 2018 Photos: Jennifer McCord.
Black Peaks are on the cover of the new Upset, out now

Once in a while, you’ll get a band who step up a level. They might have been brilliant before, they could have been bang average, but something will click that sends them shooting forwards at such velocity they break through their glass ceiling and send everything else scattering.

It’s fair to say there was nothing middling about Black Peaks on their debut album - they were already lit up like an Xmas tree by that ‘saviour of modern rock music’ glow. And yet with their second full-length ‘All That Divides’, they’re unrecognisable. Every idea is developed, every sinew tensed and strengthened. Finally making it to their first Upset cover - out now - anything feels possible. Prepare yourselves for something special. 

They're heading up a predictably packed month full of our favourite bands. Elsewhere this month we've got the brothers Madden as Good Charlotte prepare to drop new album 'Generation RX'. Dilly Dally survived the between albums near break-up to come back swinging even stronger than before, while The Dirty Nil are making a glorious full volume din. Estrons' much anticipated debut delivers on all fronts, The Joy Formidable are sounding their war cry, and Alkaline Trio have stuff to say.

Black Peaks are on the cover of the new Upset, out now
Black Peaks are on the cover of the new Upset, out now
Black Peaks are on the cover of the new Upset, out now

Add to that Against The Current's return, everything you need to know about Fatherson's new full-length, Joyce Manor's murderous indecent proposal, Cursive's raw 'Vitriola' and Black Honey's Teenage Kicks and you're probably about half way there.

Alongside all the usual reviews and ratings, there's also everything that went down at Reading 2018, including new chats with Fall Out Boy's Pete WentzWaterparksMike ShinodaSWMRS and Milk Teeth, plus the triumphant return of Bring Me The Horizon.

Told you it was packed. Order a copy above, subscribe here or pick one up from record stores, venues and retail outlets around the UK now.

October 2018
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October 2018

Featuring Black Peaks, Good Charlotte, Joyce Manor and more.

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