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April 2020

Birthmarks have shared their new track, 'One Pulse'

Debut album ‘...And Then The Rain Stopped’ is nearly here.
Published: 11:32 am, March 13, 2020
Birthmarks have shared their new track, 'One Pulse'

Birthmarks have shared their new track, 'One Pulse'.

It's the latest single from upcoming debut album ‘...And Then The Rain Stopped’, due for release on 27th March.

A collab with Icelandic filmmaker Eriendur Sveinsson, Daniel Cross explains: "We were fortunate enough that Erlendur Sveinsson allowed us to use his short film Kanarí to be repurposed for this song. My personal take on the film is that it is a metaphor for love dying whilst the warning signs are ignored and how neglect can become a regret, though I think so much of it is open to interpretation.

"One Pulse is a song mourning the loss of an emotional and physical connection with someone. It's about all of the things you didn't realise that you'd miss and the acceptance that you are now a ghost in the person's past. I was focused on the contrast between the beginning and the end of the relationship and how the person can seem otherworldly to you and how you crave them... but now the dopamine has faded, the sex is a cruel memory and the rose-tinted glasses smashed. It's about learning to not let happiness haunt you."

Check it out below, and catch the band on tour this April and May (hopefully).


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