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December 2018 / January 2019

Big Ups have dropped their third album, 'Two Parts Together'

The band are touring the record next month, too.
Published: 11:06 pm, May 17, 2018
Big Ups have dropped their third album, 'Two Parts Together'
Big Ups have released their third album 'Two Parts Together', and it's streaming online.

"We never really want to make the same record twice, but we didn't have a set vision of how we wanted this record to come out or anything like that," the band explain in the new issue of Upset. "The songs came about from us brainstorming and working in our practice space. We did a lot more in the studio than we ever have with overdubbing, experimentation, etc. when it finally came to recording the songs. We played around a lot with rhythm on this album.

"In terms of our "achievement" with this record, I think making records for us is an exercise in self-satisfaction; if we like the finished product, we have done something right. Working in any sort of rigid way doesn't make sense for this project as it's pretty collaborative through and through and we open ourselves to each others' ideas. So the sense of "achievement" happens when we come out of the process with something that all of us made together."

The group are also heading out on a European tour this spring, with a handful of UK shows:

10 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, UK
11 Le Pub, Newport, UK
13 The Green Door Store, Brighton, UK
14 Birthdays, London, UK

Listen to 'Two Parts Together' below.


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