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The Valentine’s Day Mixtape: Milk Teeth

From Milk Teeth, with love.

The Valentine’s Day Mixtape: Milk Teeth

The Valentine’s Day Mixtape: Milk Teeth

Alright Lovers. Being the warm-hearted romantics that we are, we asked our favourite bands to curate five track mix-tapes to celebrate Valentine’s Day (AND THEN WE WROTE SOME NONSENSE TO GO WITH THEM.) some are heart-felt, some are brilliant and some are awful but all are about love. and isn’t that the true spirit of this great holiday? Maybe.

Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

Netflix and chill might be fine for the other 364 days of the year but this is Valentine’s Day. Why not curl up and watch Armageddon? It’s got space ships and everything.

Most Romantic Moment: All the chances for an impassioned air-grab
Romantic Rating: ★★★★

50 Cent ft. Olivia – Candy Shop

Lollipops are great an’ all but if you’re going to an actual candy shop, pick up something a little fancier. We’re talking Toblerone, Milk Tray or a Kinder Egg. Heck, go all out and get some strawberry laces and recreate the scene from The Lady and The Tramp.

Most Romantic Moment: “Do you want anything from the candy shop or are you sweet enough?”
Romantic Rating: ★★

Destiny’s Child – Booylicious

Homemade gifts are neat and nothing says creativity like inventing your own word. ‘Bootylicious’ is the audio equivalent of a handmade card with a macaroni heart on the front. Bonus points for glitter.

Most Romantic Moment: A rose-tinted trip to the nineties
Romantic Rating: ★★★

George Michael – Careless Whisper

Rumour has it, this is the sax that Fleur East was talking about.

Most Romantic Moment: AIR SAX
Romantic Rating: ★★★★★

Tyga – Rack City

We like an organised kitchen as much as the next person but even we think Tyga goes on a bit OTT with this ode to his spice rack. We haven’t got thyme for that.

Most Romantic Moment: Turning it off
Romantic Rating: ★

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