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The Valentine’s Day Mixtape: Beach Slang

From Beach Slang, with love.

The Valentine’s Day Mixtape: Beach Slang

Beach slang

The Valentine’s Day Mixtape: Beach Slang

Alright Lovers. Being the warm-hearted romantics that we are, we asked our favourite bands to curate five track mix-tapes to celebrate Valentine’s Day (and then we wrote some nonsense to go with them.) some are heart-felt, some are brilliant and some are awful but all are about love. and isn’t that the true spirit of this great holiday? Maybe.

The Beach Boys – God Only Knows

The song of first dances and chest tattoos the world over, The Beach Boys have penned one of the most classic love songs of all time, despite the beach being a terrible place to take a date in February. It’s cold, windy and a bit rubbish. Maybe try the zoo? This track has a fade out which is the most romantic part of any song ever.
Most Romantic Moment: Singing “So what good would living do me” without it sounding threatening.
Romantic Rating: ★★★★

Philip Glass – Einstein on the Beach

This is actually a five-hour opera but that wouldn’t really fit onto a cassette, would it? Nothing says romance like a 5 act opera about Albert Einstein. Count yourselves lucky though, this was almost about Hitler, Chaplin or Ghandi. Gravity’s looking pretty damn attractive now, right?
Most Romantic Moment: If you both sit through the whole thing, they’re probably The One
Romantic Rating: ★★★★

The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

It’s the track that brings the two characters in (500) Days Of Summer and we all know how romantic that story is.
Most Romantic Moment: “There is a light and it never goes out”
Romantic Rating: ★★★★

Stephin Merritt – Shall We Sing A Duet?
A song so romantic it’s impossible to find on Youtube. There’s probably a parallel between the struggle in finding this song and the struggle in finding a soul mate but that might be a little crass. Either way, the effort was totally worth it.
Most Romantic Moment: Short, sweet and to the point. No one likes to faff.
Romantic Rating: ★★★

The Stone Roses – I Want To Be Adored

Roses are an integral part of Valentine’s Day and stone seems a far safer choice than a gun accompaniment.
Most Romantic Moment: Nodding along in agreement.
Romantic Rating: ★★★★

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