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The Super Bowl Winner’s Playlist for Winners

You’ve just won the Super Bowl and you need some songs to cement your victory.

The Super Bowl Winner’s Playlist for Winners

Winning the Super Bowl is a confusing time for any young athlete. You feel like a champion but you need a playlist to really solidify that victory. Well, we’re here to help with this playlist of anthems that will make you feel like you’re the world’s greatest, even if you’re only in the top 5.

Panic! At The Disco – Victorious

The musical equivalent of standing in front of the mirror and telling your reflection that you ARE a winner, this track is the perfect post-victory jam.

Fall Out Boy – Centuries

Before sport was invented by an apple falling on the head of Albert Einstein, people used to wrestle lions for fun. Fall Out Boy have taken that do or die excitement and injected it into this swinging pop banger. Also, the Super Bowl uses roman numerals and it’s important to remember where they came from.

You Me At Six – Underdog

Everyone likes a true underdog story so even if you were always the favourite, lie. You’ve already won, now it’s time to make it sound all the more impressive.

American Football – Summer Ends

If you’ve just won a sporting event, it’s important to remember what sport you’re good at. There’s no point being a world champion golfer and challenging someone to a game of darts.

Modern Baseball – The Weekend

This is for all the champions. with a sense of humour. “Yeah, winning the Super Bowl was great. Did you see how many Home Runs I scored?”

PVRIS – Fire

From Super Bowl I to Super Bowl XLIX, we’ve enjoyed 49 years of using letters instead of numbers and PVRIS have kinda done something similar with their name. Yeah?

Sum 41 – In Too Deep

At some point you’ll be having a conversation (or making a playlist) about something you don’t know all that much about. You’ll still be a champion but it’s ok to relate to this song. All the greatest winners have to try and keep their heads up, instead of going under. Instead of going under.

METZ – The Swimmer

When in doubt, say you support the METZ. You may remember them from such great cultural landmarks as The Simpsons and When Sports Teams Go Bad.

Don Broco – Superlove

Apparently Don Broco played in this year’s Super Bowl but you probably already knew that. Well done you.

Against The Current – Running With The Wild Things

By the time it’s been exposed that you don’t actually know that much about football or sport , it’s time to call in the back-up to rescue you. Against The Current seem to know a lot about the Super Bowl so we’d get them to help us out. Remember, winning is a team effort.

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