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August 2021

Check out Yours Truly's Teenage Kicks playlist, feat. All Time Low, Sum 41, Tonight Alive and more

Take a wander through the band's formative years.
Published: 9:20 am, December 22, 2020
Check out Yours Truly's Teenage Kicks playlist, feat. All Time Low, Sum 41, Tonight Alive and more

When you load up Spotify, a great big chunk of the time you can’t think what to play, right? You default back to your old favourites, those albums and songs you played on repeat when you first discovered you could make them yours.

This isn’t about guilty pleasures; it’s about those songs you’ll still be listening to when you’re old and in your rocking chair. So, enter Teenage Kicks - a playlist series that sees bands running through the music they listened to in their formative years.

Next up, Yours Truly.

Silverchair - Freak

This was probably the first "heavy" song I ever remember hearing and fell in love with it instantly. It was just the raw, brutal energy of the riff mixed with and the power behind Daniel johns vocals that got me hooked.

The Amity Affliction - Open Letter
This song and the whole chasing ghosts album helped me a lot whilst going through a hard time in high school, and I will always hold it close to my heart.

All Time Low - Dear Maria, Count Me In
This was the beginning of pop-punk for me. I found All Time Low and heard that iconic cough opener (haha), and it opened me up to a whole bunch of new music and new bands! We actually have the opportunity to play with them in the States for Sad Summer (go away, corona) and that feels surreal because I loved them so much in my teens.

Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
I remember being 13 and singing every single Evanescence song staring in the mirror with my microphone and little amp. Amy Lee is a huge inspiration to me, and I sang this song at my high school talent show. Interesting choice, but I loved it.

Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
This song was one of the first songs I learnt on guitar and has stuck with me throughout the years! Slash is a guitar idol for me and someone whose playing I want to achieve.

Tonight Alive - Listening
Tonight Alive was the first time I was introduced to the Australian scene of pop-punk. Listening is my favourite track from tonight alive because of how much energy it has but also how dynamic the song can be.

Sum 41 - In Too Deep
This is one of the first songs I learnt to play on drums, I loved the energy of the chorus, and I always thought the music video was really entertaining.

Trivium - Kirisute Gomen
I'd just dipped my toe into metal music, and I fell in love with this band because the drums were nothing I'd ever heard before. I really like this song because of the fast double kick and tom work

Taken from the December 2020 / January 2021 issue of Upset.

December 2020 / January 2021
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December 2020 / January 2021

Featuring... The Smashing Pumpkins, Poppy, All Time Low, Creeper and more.

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