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June 2020

Yours Truly are gearing up for their debut: "We really pushed our musicianship to the next level"

Guitarist Teddie Winder-Haron tells us more.
Published: 9:53 pm, May 12, 2020
Yours Truly are gearing up for their debut: "We really pushed our musicianship to the next level"

It might feel a little like the world is ending at the moment, but plenty of bands are plugging on to bring us new music. One such optimistic bunch are Aussie new-ish-comers Yours Truly, who plan to drop their debut album later this year. Guitarist Teddie Winder-Haron tells us more.

Hi Teddie! How's it going?

I'm doing well, trying to keep as busy as I can.

Are you all at home social-distancing at the mo? What are you up to, day to day?

We are all staying at home at the moment doing what we can in terms of social distancing so we can get through this as quickly as possible. Each day has been pretty much the same for me. I start by taking my dog for a walk around the block, then get stuck into playing guitar for the majority of the day, and then I've been cooking a whole bunch of new recipes for my family. Then, I finish up by binge-watching whatever I have up next on my watch list.

And how's the album doing, is it all finished?

Thankfully we finished up the recording process for all of our new music just before we started going into lockdown and we are now going through the final stages of everything from home.

What was the recording process like, what challenges did you have to overcome?

Recording new songs is always super exciting and inspiring for me. Getting to see the demos we had been working on for the past few years take shape and really come to life. We did some really long hours while in the studio, and we really pushed our musicianship to the next level which was challenging at the time but was all worth it for how the songs turned out.

How did you approach curating the record's tracklisting, what's the balance like between older and newer songs?
I don't want to give away anything too early so you'll have to wait and find out... After hearing all the songs back, we thought this was definitely a step forward in the right direction from our last EP 'Afterglow', and we've spent some time really playing around with the tracklisting, piecing it together almost like a puzzle, creating the perfect flow between each of the songs

How did you choose which track to announce the album with, is 'Composure' a good representation of what's to come?

We felt like releasing composure as the first single of our new era was just right because it has the perfect balance of we have in store.

What's it like planning an album launch at the mo, it must be difficult?

It's been challenging to plan anything at the moment with situations changing almost every day still, but we're doing what we can and just staying flexible and adapting with everything as we go.

What do you think the next few months are going to look like for you guys?

Over the next few months, we're going to be working as hard as we can to get everything together and start giving you more of the new era of Yours Truly.

Taken from the May issue of Upset. Yours Truly's debut album is due later this year.

May 2020
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May 2020

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