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Meet Aussie newcomers, Yours Truly: "The tour with The Faim was so much fun"

Vocalist Mikaila Delgado introduces her band.
Published: 10:50 am, March 12, 2019Words: Sam Taylor.
Meet Aussie newcomers, Yours Truly: "The tour with The Faim was so much fun"

Following a buzzy support tour with The Faim, Sydney bunch Yours Truly have signed to UNFD Records for a new EP that channels the optimistic, posi-vibes of their Aussie pals Tonight Alive via relatable songs about personal trauma and disillusionment.

Hey Mikaila, where did you guys meet, and how did you decide to all be in a band together?

We met over Facebook and mutual friends. I saw a video of Teddie playing the guitar, so I sent him a friend request, and it went from there! Lachie and Teddie knew each other previously, and we also found Brad on Facebook - the world is so small on the internet.

Did you grow up making music, or is it a relatively new thing for you?

Each of us had been playing in different bands or studying music growing up, so it was definitely something we knew we wanted to do from a young age.

Touring with The Faim sounds like fun, was it good?

The tour with The Faim was SO. MUCH. FUN. Not only are they an amazing band to watch but they are some of the loveliest guys we’ve ever had to privilege of touring with, not to mention our friends Redhook were also on the tour, so it was a huge friends fest!

Any behind-the-scenes gossip?

We took end-of-tour photos and edited Lachie's face in one to look really strange. We sent it to everyone in the same folder as the normal photos to see if anyone would notice, haha!

You’re coming over to the UK for Download, right? Are you going to play any other shows while you’re here?

All shall be revealed soon! We’re looking forward to playing more shows over the UK and Europe while we're there, it’s so far from home!

Your new EP ‘Afterglow’ is great, how did you put it together?
Thank you so much! We spent a good few weeks in the studio with Stevie Knight at Electric Sun Studios who we had previously done 'High Hopes' with. It was super fun to put together, at times songs went through changes, and everyone put their ideas together. I'm really proud of how it turned out.

What do you most enjoy writing songs about? Is it important to you that they have a positive message?

While writing 'Afterglow', the guys and I felt like we had so much to say about the things we had learnt in these past few years since [debut EP] 'Too Late For Apologies'. I enjoy writing about my life experiences and what I’ve learnt from them. I find that through writing I become way more positive about things and empower myself through my lyrics and I’d love for the people listening to feel the same way.

Have you thought much about your debut album yet?

We have started on our debut album; it’s such a huge thing to release your first album, so we’re making sure we go into it with a positive frame of mind. I’m excited to see what we come up with as 'Afterglow' has been such a huge step up for us in terms of songwriting.

What’s your favourite thing about being a musician?

I love so much about it; I love the people I meet, the places I get to see and being able to perform for people. I can’t pick one.

What’s next for you lot?

'Afterglow' is released in April, so we’re getting ready for that. We’re hoping to be doing some cool things for it before heading over to the UK.

Taken from the March issue of Upset, out now. Yours Truly’s new EP ‘Afterglow’ is out on 12th April.

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