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December 2018 / January 2019

The Word Alive: "We've undoubtedly experienced things that have shifted who we are"

Telle Smith reflects on the band's new record, 'Violent Noise'.
Published: 9:56 am, May 17, 2018
The Word Alive: "We've undoubtedly experienced things that have shifted who we are"
The Word Alive's new album is an interesting beast that sees the group pushing forwards, while at the same time appreciating how far they've come. Singer Telle Smith fills us in from San Diego, where the band have been on the road with In This Moment and Ded.

How has life been for you guys since the release of ‘Dark Matter’, do you feel as though you’ve changed at all during that time?
I think as humans we are constantly evolving and hopefully, we are learning and growing as we progress through life. Since 'Dark Matter' came out, we have undoubtedly experienced things that have shifted “who” we are one way or another. I’m happy with the path life has taken myself and the band since its release in 2016. We’re excited about the jump we made with that album.

The band has obviously undergone another line-up swap around, do you find changes like this rejuvenating, or a bit destabilising? How do you deal with it?
For us, we have always encouraged members to stay only if their hearts were fully in it and support them when it's not. A lot of bands have issues because people stay longer than their hearts care to and I would rather keep going with the people who want to be here. Thankfully, Zack, Tony and myself have written almost every part of every TWA song to date, so the writing doesn’t change much at all. I usually find it refreshing and this time has been no different.

How would you describe the band’s vibe at the moment, are you all in a good place? Looking forward to this next chapter?
We are in a great place and all just as excited as ever!

"We’re open-minded and if we want to try to push the boundaries of genres, then we can"

Telle Smith

What was on your mind when you first started working on ‘Violent Noise’?
We were excited to write coming off not just a successful record but our favourite record to date. We wanted to expand upon it, and I think we did.

Which of the songs on the record feels most personal to you?
Most of the songs are very personal off 'Violent Noise', but I would have to say that 'War Evermore', 'My Enemy' and 'Human' are probably the most personal.

You’ve said the track ‘Red Clouds’ tells the story of how The Word Alive came to be, does the album revisit your early days in any other ways?
I think we allowed some elements of our first records to shine through a little bit, but overall we focus on moving forward and just trying to make the best album and songs possible no matter what that sounds like.

Speaking of the band's beginnings, will you be doing anything to celebrate your tenth anniversary?
I think we will probably like to do something ten year related in 2019. We’ll see what makes sense with our schedule, but we’re very proud of coming this far!

How did you come to work with Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop on ‘Stare At The Sun’, and what did he bring to the track?
We have known Danny for ten years, and he’s become quite close, so I asked him if he wanted to rip some vocals and he did. He came into the studio and wrote his part and recorded it. Instantly it felt right, and we love the energy he brought to the bridge and last chorus.

Sincerely Collins is a super interesting collab too, do you think the band’s more influenced by hip-hop/rap than you used to be? Is playing with genre something that appeals to you?
Sincerely Collins crushed his guest vocal parts and brought a completely new element to our band's sound. I don’t know that we are any more or less influenced by any one genre, I just think we’re open-minded and if we want to try to push the boundaries of genres, then we can.

Do you have any plans to come over to the UK this year?
Our goal is definitely to come back on a proper tour, the last shows were amazing!

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