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Wolf Alice on tour: “You still want it to feel intimate”

The band are in the midst of a huge UK tour but they still want it to feel cosy.

Wolf Alice on tour: “You still want it to feel intimate”

Wolf Alice kicked off their UK tour a few days ago in Bristol. It’s the first headline run the band have done since they released their debut album ‘My Love Is Cool’ back in June. After a hectic summer of festivals, there’s an excitement around what Wolf Alice can do on home ground.

“We can’t believe how much sold out,” starts drummer Joel Amey. “We sold Brixton out. We’re blown away, we need to rehearse but we’ve very excited.”

After months of snatch and grab performances to the curious and the converted alike, Wolf Alice are approaching their headline shows with a different attitude. “People can be a little bit restless at festivals, you’ve got less time so you just have to go at them,” explains guitarist Joff Oddie. On their headline run “We can ham up the more quiet, poignant moments.”

“They’re slightly bigger for us as well,” continues Joel. “There’s a larger space you need to fill. You still want it to feel intimate. We know the shows are getting larger but we don’t want to be the type of band where the distance between the audiences gets larger depending on how big the shows get. I think we’ve got our work cut out but we’re just excited. It’s going to be a great experience.”

The reaction to ‘My Love Is Cool’ has been overwhelmingly positive – and rightfully so – but unexpected, at least “to the level that is has been.” It’s a record that’s kept the band in high demand, “We’ve been at home for about three days,” ventures Joff of their summer, not that they mind.

“To be fair, if you start resting on your laurels you’ll miss the next opportunity,” says Joel. “We’re very lucky to be going from one tour, into America, into Japan, into Australia into all these wonderful things. I’d rather be out doing this than sitting at home, reading all the press.”

There’s no sign of a rest stop ahead, either. The UK tour is swiftly followed up by a US one, then a European run. “We’re going to be playing into the next year, Joel continues. “We have every intention to be writing in all the spare time we have, we’re not resting on that either. It’s a different band in that sense. I’m looking forward to getting to the rehearsal room and turning everything fucking up to a hundred and blasting everything out.”

For many, this tour will be the first chance to hear the album tracks live. Talk of new material so soon might sound dismissive but ‘My Love Is Cool’ will be around for a long while.

“We’re very proud of those songs on the album. They deserve to be heard,” ventures Joel. “People have supported us and like those songs so I wouldn’t want to say ‘We’re not playing them cos we’re bored’.”

“And we’re not bored of them,” adds Joff.

“There’s definitely a balancing act though,” reasons Joel. “You want to stay fresh.”

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