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Waterparks: “I hadn’t experienced British people before – all our exposure was through Harry Potter”

They hit Reading 2016 today.

Waterparks: “I hadn’t experienced British people before – all our exposure was through Harry Potter”

Waterparks are swiftly becoming a big deal. After a couple of independently released EPs, the trio teamed up with Benji and Joel Madden for the sugar-coated head rush that is their ‘Cluster’ EP. With a debut album on the way and their very first UK shows under their belt, Waterparks are set to make a big splash before the year’s out.

So, your first UK shows, how were they?

Awsten Knight: “I didn’t know people even knew us here? People were singing along and I was totally caught off guard. ‘Cluster’ came out January over in the States and now it’s out over here. I knew people were familiar with it over here, ‘cause of Spotify, but I’m not sure what that means. We’d never left the country before until a few days ago so it’s all crazy and weird and cool. It’s weird to be the person with the accent. I hadn’t really experienced British people before. All of our exposure was through Harry Potter, so to be around it, dude, everyone’s talking like it.”

And ‘Cluster’, what inspired it?

With the EP, we basically tried to hit a lot of different styles throughout each track so it’s not just this pop-punk EP but we still do get that. We’re working on an album and have been for almost a month. It should be finished by the time we go on Warped ‘cause it’s already over halfway done. If you were to listen to most of the songs on the album and say we’re a pop punk band, you’re dumb. With the EP, we tried to hit a lot of electronic things. There are a lot of beats and a lot of cut vocals and we tried to do some 80s style, big beat stuff. With the album, we straight up go pop, we go full on angry punk, then we do a trap sounding song. There’s everything on the album, it’s so tight. With the EP, we wanted to do as much as we could. With this, we said that was good but let’s do it even more. We just did as much as we could without going country. The thing is, since it is our first album, we wanted to do as much as we could. That way, for the future, we can do whatever we want. We just want to open it up entirely so we can do whatever we want forever.

And what do you want people to take from your music?

I hope they like it. I hope they like the band. I don’t know if there’s a common theme, really we just tried to do everything as hard as we could, and then evolve it.

Where does that desire to be so broad come from?

I like a lot of things and it’s hard for me to stick with one thing. It’s really hard for me to be like, here’s a punk album, here’s a rock album, here’s an electronic dance album. I like most things and I like to put that out there.

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