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June 2020

Here's everything you need to know about Violent Soho's album, 'Everything Is A-OK'

Violent Soho tell us about their new record.
Published: 10:26 am, May 13, 2020
Here's everything you need to know about Violent Soho's album, 'Everything Is A-OK'

If ever there was a time that a tongue-in-cheek ‘Everything Is A-OK’ was needed, it’s now. Violent Soho tell us about their new record, one that takes a swipe at complacency and dishonesty in the modern landscape.

The title of the record actually arose from the album artwork concept. There is a house that often flies its flag at half-mast near the home where Luke, our singer, grew up in Mansfield, Brisbane. The idea was to get a photo of this house as the album artwork and to call it 'Pity Jar', sort of as a social commentary on the darker ironies of our mundane society, but when we all saw the house it seemed too strange and gloomy for us to decorate it with such a bummer name, so the new title arose from the lyrics of the final album track 'A-OK'. Of course, the idea is supposed to be ironic and allowed us to theme things a little more antithetically in line with how Australian's perceive the ideal of middle-class life. Our previous records, in terms of their title and artwork, had covered a slightly darker view of a similar subject so this time around we wanted the title to look at this same suburban ideology a little more dialectically in pointing out the ridiculous irony of being comfortable within a banal environment.

The album was recorded in two separate two-week blocks mid last year
at The Grove Studios, which is an iconic residential recording studio in New South Wales' Central Coast region. It was built originally by the blokes from INXS, they sold it to the chaps at Hillsong who then flogged it off to our mate Scott Horscroft and his family, who make amazing records with some of the best bands in Australia on a weekly basis and run a really cool music production academy from there as well. Hats off to the Universe for making a beautiful thing happen in this case.

We got to work with one of the best and most brilliant minds in the Aussie music world on this record. Greg Wales is responsible for production on all live recordings that go through the largest youth-oriented music broadcaster in Australia, JJJ. I don't know of another person in music who is responsible for putting out such a consistently high output of live music and who has also successfully collaborated on such a wide range of genres. Basically, the man is a brilliant and kind-spirited bloke who knows more than anyone about how to nail a quality take in a studio without the use of lame autotune bullshit or whatever. When he tells you it's good to go, you can trust him and move on. I've never worked with anyone so consistently correct with their performance in a studio. He also cooked dinner for the Mexican embassy once. Mate, the list just goes on with this bloke.

The American bloke who mixed the record, Will Yip, is also someone we have wanted to work with for years now.
His three album collaborations with one of our favourite bands, Title Fight, very much informed a lot of stylistic choices we had made on our two previous records. Although this new album is probably not leaping from the exact same creative spaces as our previous two, being able to work with a person we admire hugely on a stylistically progressive batch of songs, rhythmically, tonally and structurally was very exciting and it felt like we were breaking new ground creatively with him. He was stoked with all the songs too so it's very pleasing to have had such great feedback from someone we admire so much.

It took two years, raising three toddlers and going through one divorce to make this album.
Bloody hell life does not wait for you, does it?

Taken from the May issue of Upset. Violent Soho's album 'Everything Is A-OK' is out now.

May 2020
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May 2020

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