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Upset Readers Poll 2015: Band picks

You’ve had your say, now the bands have theirs.

Upset Readers Poll 2015: Band picks


Band of the Year

Moose Blood have really brought their a-game this year. They’re the nicest bunch of dudes and deserve everything great coming their way.” – Ash Wilson, Boston Manor

Stray From The Path. Their new album is insane and their live performance is killer!” – Alex Adam, ROAM

Metallica. Obviously as they’re still living, breathing, playing and slaying, Metallica are the only choice that anyone in their right mind would choose, right?” – Paul Shelley, Heck

“For me, it has to be Foals. I’ve always loved this band. They have smashed the festival circuit to pieces and released another huge album.” – Ash Weaver, God Damn

Creeper. Life affirmingly good people, amazing songs, obnoxiously good live.” – “Joint effort”, Hindsights (RIP)

Girl Band.” – Thom Edward, God Damn

Album of the Year

Woahnows – ‘Understanding And Everything Else’. This is my album of the year because it’s jam packed with brilliant, catchy indie / punk hits. Recorded on a ridiculously small budget, this album proves that it’s all about great songs.” – Luke Ellis, Muncie Girls

Man Overboard – ‘Heavy Love’. It has some real old school, nostalgic vibes, amazing production and is just full of bangers.” – Alex Adam, ROAM

Wolf Alice – ‘My Love Is Cool’. I know they have worked really hard, and it’s paid off for them this year. What they achieved with this album is massive. Number 2 in the charts, nothing to be sniffed at.” – Ash Weaver, God Damn

Everything Everything – ‘Get To Heaven’. It’s the most unique, catchy, and fun record of the year.” – Ross McNae, Twin Atlantic

Mike Vennart – ‘Demon Joke’.” – Will Gardner, Black Peaks

Banger of the Year

Creeper – ‘Lie Awake’. Easily the biggest banger this year. That chorus is just so anthemic and gets stuck in your head for weeks.” – Ash Wilson, Boston Manor

Dinosaur Pile Up – ’11/11′.” – Thom Edward, God Damn

Eagles of Death Metal – ‘Silverlake (KSOFM)’.” – Matt Marcantonio, Demob Happy

Foals – ‘What Went Down’.” – Ash Weaver, God Damn

John Coffey – ‘Broke My Neck.” – Will Gardner, Black Peaks

New Band Who Will Make 2016 10/10 Amazing

“I think 2016 is all about Birdskulls. They’ve just released a banger of a debut album called ‘Trickle’ and are only going from strength to strength with their live shows. Watch out for these boys next year!” – Luke Ellis, Muncie Girls

Lonely the Brave.” – Will Gardner, Black Peaks

Model Aeroplanes from Scotland.” – Ross McNae, Twin Atlantic

“I’m hearing a lot about Baby In Vain, so I’m very excited to hear what they have to offer next year.” – Ash Weaver, God Damn

Mothers, from Widnes.” – Thom Edward, God Damn

Best Live Act

Martha are my best live act of 2015 because I’m rarely as happy watching any other band than I am watching Martha. There’s something beautifully honest and real about a Martha live show that is refreshingly rare to see at the moment.” – Luke Ellis, Muncie Girls

Enter Shikari. We’ve played with them a few times now and they just destroy every single set they play.” – Alex Adam, ROAM

“I was stage side at a 30 Seconds To Mars gig and he looked into my eyes and right then, I became a Martian.” – Matt Marcantonio, Demob Happy

“There are loads, but Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes are pretty insane. Definitely worth a mention.” – Ash Weaver, God Damn

Enter Shikari.” – Andrew Groves, Arcane Roots

Best Video

“Best video has to be ‘Dark Days’ by PUP. Everything is animated, it’s amazing and that’s all you really need to know. Never seen a band consistently deliver insane music videos like these guys do.” – Ash Wilson, Boston Manor

Panic At The Disco – ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’. The song is literally a jam and the video is just really well shot and trippy, very cool concept.” – Alex Adam, ROAM

Radkey – ‘Glore’. Really clever, well put together video.” – Ash Weaver, God Damn

Best Festival Type ‘Thing’

“The best festival for me would have to be 2000 Trees. It’s got a super chill atmosphere about it and there were just so many cool areas to explore. We saw a bunch of really obscure bands and were pretty stoked we got to play it ourselves.” – Ash Wilson, Boston Manor

Hevy Fest.” – Thom Edward, God Damn

ArcTanGent. Always excellently curated, brilliantly ran and one of the best and most friendly festival crowds to play to in the world. Plus they keep letting us DJ the silent disco which we enjoy a lot.” – James Spence, Rolo Tomassi

Slam Dunk. It’s the only festival all of us have attended in the past and always has one of the most solid line ups.” – Alex Adam, ROAM

“I can’t choose between Reading & Leeds and Download.” – Ash Weaver, God Damn

Best Band You Saw At A Festival In 2015

Defeater absolutely killed it at 2000 Trees. Super energetic, super tight and they just blew my mind.” – Ash Wilson, Boston Manor

La Dispute. They’re not a band we jam often but we caught their set at South By So What and the passion and energy was incredible.” – Alex Adam, ROAM

Dillinger Escape Plan at ArcTanGent.” – Will Gardner, Black Peaks

The Dillinger Escape Plan. As I didn’t manage to go to Reading & Leeds and see Metallica, The DEP were absolutely incredible at Hevy. Lads.” – Paul Shelley, Heck

“I’m going to go a bit psych with this one and say Bo Ningen. I’ve wanted to see them for a while, and we were lucky enough to play two festivals together this year. Amazing band.” – Ash Weaver, God Damn

Sting in France somewhere. It’s just hit after hit and he plays them better than anyone half his age.” – Ross McNae, Twin Atlantic

Best Cover Version

Neck Deep – ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’. They just did a really good job of making the song their own and it sounds awesome.” – Alex Adam, ROAM

Enter Shikari – ‘Chop Suey’.” – Andrew Groves, Arcane Roots

“I saw Roger Taylor and John Paul Jones join the Foos onstage at Milton Keynes Bowl to cover ‘Under Pressure’. Not much can touch that really.” – Ash Weaver, God Damn

Slaves – ‘Shut Down’.” – Thom Edward, God Damn

Have Mercy – ‘Somebody’s Baby’. Trivia: 3/5ths of this band didn’t know this was a cover until we discussed this choice and revealed what uncultured morons we are.” – “Joint effort”, Hindsights (RIP)

Band Who Split, But In Reflection It Would Be OK Now If They Un-Split

The Mars Volta. I would love to see them reform.” – Ash Weaver, God Damn

“Thee Oh Sees… Oh wait… they did and un did. Clor.” – Thom Edward, God Damn

Futures. Their debut record is so perfect in every possible respect that we can overlook the whack full-length.” – “Joint effort”, Hindsights (RIP)

Blakfish.” – Andrew Groves, Arcane Roots

The Brand New Award For The Band Who Most Need To Get A Move On And Get A New Album Out ‘ASAP’

Set Your Goals. Those last two singles they released were some of the best songs they’ve written so they definitely have more left in them!” – Alex Adam, ROAM

The Fall of Troy. Having spent a portion of our summer touring with them I’m really excited to hear new material from them and have them back as a mainstay of alternative, interesting heavy music.” – James Spence, Rolo Tomassi

Tool.” – Will Gardner, Black Peaks

“Ermmmmm, HECK? Bad form to choose yourself, but let’s not kid ourselves, we really need to pull our fingers out and unleash the beast. Keep your eyes peeled for 2016 guys.” – Paul Shelley, Heck

Queens Of The Stone Age have got to be due a new one, haven’t they? It’s just what we need right now, something with a bit of balls.” – Ash Weaver, God Damn

Radiohead.” – Andrew Groves, Arcane Roots

Tom Waits, does that count?” – Thom Edward, God Damn

Band Who Really Need To Get In The Bin Right Now, TBH

5SOS.” – Thom Edward, God Damn

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