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Track By Track: Modern Rituals – Stranger Culture EP

Hear Modern Rituals’ new EP in full prior to its release.

Track By Track: Modern Rituals – Stranger Culture EP

London trio Modern Rituals – featuring ex-members of The Long Haul – are today premiering their new EP ‘Stranger Culture’, due out later this summer – listen below, first on Upset.

That’s not all either; the band have also run through the entire release for us, track by track – from the massive and complex ‘Scrump’, all the way through to the paranoid ‘One-Eye Jimmy’.

“Lyrically, ‘Stranger Culture’ is the result of disillusionment, paranoia, nihilism and boredom,” say the band. “It’s a bedroom reflection on intense feelings which are often much more difficult to channel properly when they occur.

“On the other side, it’s also a light hearted affair. These songs are open and made for fun; I’m not trying to employ anything too intense and I’m not talking about being depressed. I also had a lot of fun making this record.”


I wrote this song a long time ago and would have dropped it but it sort of lingered around. It turned out to be a good one for layering with lots of extra parts, which was really fun to do in the studio. I also got to use a synth, which I never thought I’d do.

Pushing Teeth

I worked in an office for a year and a half and I’m never going back. This was when my body was literally morphing into my lethargy. Office work is bad for your health.

Roof Life

Another I thought I’d drop! I had a really good time recording the guitars in the end section for this. Overall it was just another that I felt differently about once it had been recorded.

White Bug

Finding ways of motivating yourself to continue with something when you’re feeling like you’re at nil with it can be hard, but once you have a fresh set of self-made principles, stuff can be much easier. Overall it’s about trying to stop taking things seriously.


You know when you watch a band and their singer gets really dramatic? This is about cringing at that, sorry.

One-Eye Jimmy

This is about being extremely paranoid.

Modern Rituals’ UK tour with Brunch will kick off on 27th May at The Wharf Chambers in Leeds.

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