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Track By Track: Making Monsters – Bad Blood EP

Making Monsters run through their new EP, out this week.

Track By Track: Making Monsters – Bad Blood EP

Derry-based four-piece Making Monsters release their new EP ‘Bad Blood’ tomorrow, Friday 13th May. The six-track release sees the group flex their musical muscles, from band favourite and lead single ‘Better’, to a joke that got out of hand…

“It’s about time,” say the band. “This EP means a lot to us and marks a new era for the band. We’ve grown up, but things are still a little bit temperamental. We just can’t wait to put it out there and to let everyone hear it.

“It’s a progression in sound; we’ve had some time to think carefully about our next release and these songs are more mature and well-crafted because of that. We’re confident there’s a bit of something for everyone in there!”


‘Bad Blood’ was pretty much written in a single day. We wanted to keep it straight forward and to the point, using repetition and dynamics to keep the song moving, but at the same time catch people off guard and go weird in sections such as the improvised guitar solo playing around a whammy pedal. This is probably one of our favourite live songs, it always goes down well as an opener to jump straight into things!


This was something we had worked on a for a while, and then came back to with fresh ears, this has more of a stadium rock, kind of anthem vibe to it. We kept in mind how it would come across live, with the medium tempo and gang vocals. It’s quite a transition from how heavy our earlier stuff is, but we really hope people enjoy it!


We didn’t want to tie ourselves to any one particular style or sound, so this track is another surprise from the vibe of our previous material, we are really pleased with how this turned out, and how well it had been going down with everyone so far! Probably our favourite in terms of song writing, hence why we chose it as the lead single.


We had been listening to a lot of punk and post-punk, such as Billy Talent and Max Raptor at the time, and I think you can hear the influence. This was the first track recorded for the EP.


Keeping in touch with the diverse range of styles, we agreed that this track was a great addition to the EP. Lyrically, ‘Rose’ is a pretty emotional and raw reference to grief and loss. The song is written intentionally wide-open for the listener to take a moment of reflection on the matter.


As mentioned before, when first writing a song we generally have no clue as to what style it’s going to end up. This song was a joke that got out of hand.

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