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Track By Track: Fangclub – Bullet Head EP

Get the lowdown on the band’s new EP, prior to its release this Friday.

Track By Track: Fangclub – Bullet Head EP

Fangclub are gearing up to release their new five-track EP this Friday, 13th May through Universal Records; but before then, the trio have talked us through the entire thing track by track, from accidental title-track ‘Bullet Head’ and the Weezer-inspired ‘Loner’, to crowd favourite ‘Role Models’. Read Upset’s review in our May issue, out now.


Steven: All of our songs are open to interpretation. If ‘Bullet Head’ is anything, it’s that voice inside telling you to explode, have fun, break a face. I wrote and recorded it by mistake really, just making it up as I recorded. It was the first song I showed the guys. It really is the first Fangclub song which is pretty cool.
Kevin: It’s just this two minute song of raw energy that just doesn’t stop. The song hasn’t particularly got a meaning, it’s a bit more primal than that. I remember Steven telling myself and Dara to really play this like you’re playing it at a live gig when we recorded it.
Dara: It was the little song that could. Of all our songs, it’s the one I thought was least likely to be played on the radio due to it being on the heavier side. I was wrong.


Kevin: ‘Loner’ is a very Weezer inspired song I think. This slow chuggy, musically optimistic, but melancholy in its lyrics kinda track. Like most of the stuff Steven writes, it’s got this major pop hook that will get stuck in your head for days. I never know whether this is a love song, or it’s sarcastically making fun of people wanting to be these tortured poets. 
Steven: ‘Loner’ is a reluctant love song. One vocal shouting “I’m Bonafide”, and another reluctantly saying “woohoo…”. I was listening to a lot of Weezer, and Violent Soho at the time.
Dara: It’s a great contrast and shows the variety in our sound.


Steven: This song is about being young, dumb and addicted to somebody. I really wanted the overall sound of the song to feel like a chaotic house party. 
Kevin: Once again, it’s a song short and sweet punk rock anthem about angst that you can just scream along with. It’s an important track for us and we have the confidence in it as band to open with it and know it’ll hook you in and never let you go.
Dara: I love juxtaposition in the second verse of the half time then kicking back up the speed before crashing into the chorus. The song never lets up.


Steven: Embracing your own madness. I wanted the verses to invite you in, the bridge to hook you and the chorus to scream the answer… I think we were getting a reputation for breaking things at gigs so I wanted to poke fun at that.
Kevin: This was a track we recorded a lot more recently than the others. The bass line over Dara’s drums just work so well on this. It’s almost dancey in the verse and explodes into a fun scream along chorus. Once you’ve heard the chorus once, you know it, and you shout along with us. EMBRACE YOUR STRANGE! 
Dara: It’s a lot of fun to play live and gives a lot of space to just rock out. The build up on the second half of the song is always met with smiles.


Steven: I don’t want to give too much away because I want everyone to feel whatever they want for this song. But for the most part it’s about destiny, addictive personalties, parents, teachers, celebrities. Be your own role model etc.
Kevin: It’s very self-assertive and I think that in this celebrity culture age we live in, that’s a really important message to give out. It’s very sarcastic in that way and I love that about the song. ‘Role Models’ is quite special for me as well, because it’s the first time I ever heard a crowd singing back one of our songs. That was a moment that still gives me goosebumps. 
Dara: ‘Role Models’ is another one of my favourites. It’s head banging friendly, it’s catchy, it’s memorable. If I had to pick one song that people react to the most at our shows, I would say this is it.

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