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Track By Track: Calling Apollo – The Great Depression: Act 1

Calling Apollo let us in on the thoughts behind their new EP, and stream the release in its entirety.

Track By Track: Calling Apollo – The Great Depression: Act 1

Calling Apollo are on the verge of releasing their new EP ‘The Great Depression: Act 1’; it’s the first half of what will eventually be a two-part album (hence the name, see?). Before it’s out on Friday, 19th August, they’re previewing the six-track release in its entirely – give it a listen below, first on Upset. The outspoken band also talk us through the emotive EP track by track.


Light The Way

This song was born out of the frustration of modern politics and the need for someone to lead who truly cares about people and not corporate greed.

Clone City

This is about that feeling of being a faceless product of society instead of standing out and being counted for.


We find ourselves presented with so much information in the world designed to make us feel a certain way that a lot of people have no idea what to think and who to trust. This song is is how I deal with the propaganda war.

The Wars

This is a song simply about relationships and the things we fight for and ignore in order to keep it alive.

Act I: House of Cards

This is the first of a two part song that focuses on the trust we put in institutions and corporations to protect us and what we hold dear.

…and the High Plateau

Part two of our two part EP finale that represents the inevitability of the risks taken by the Elite section of society that destroy the life’s of ordinary working class people.

Calling Apollo’s EP ‘The Great Depression: Act 1’ is out Friday, 19th August.

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