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Track By Track: Baby In Vain – For The Kids EP

The trio talk us through their new five-track EP – a taste of what’s to come, they say.

Track By Track: Baby In Vain – For The Kids EP

Today (Friday 29th April) sees grungy Copenhagen trio Baby In Vain – Lola Hammerich (vocals/guitar), Andrea Thuesen (vocals/guitar) and Benedicte Pierleoni (drums) – release their new EP ‘For The Kids’. The band us through the release, track by track.

“We see The EP ‘For The Kids’ as our own musical breakthrough after the singles we released years ago,” they start. “It’s been a long journey full of obstacles, but we’re very happy with how it’s come together. We think these five songs go very well together even though they’re taken out of a bigger pile of songs that we recorded at the same time.

“The EP emphasises our thoughts about our music, and it emphasises what we are looking to do and what we want to do. It is a taste of what you will expect to hear from us in the future. We enjoy to cultivate what we feel is worth cultivating. We’re not overthinking stuff, we just want it to be noteworthy and personal.”

Martha’s View

‘Martha’s View’ was inspired by an old lady we met one fateful night at our local bar in Copenhagen. We sat and talked with her until 3 in the morning and she told us a lot of crazy shit. She supposedly suffered from Alzheimer’s, so I think that’s why we chose to just repeat the same lyrics over and over…


It’s a very classic riffy thing that came out of just jamming in our rehearsal… The lyrics were pretty much made just by singing along to our jam. Which I guess made them so weird, because we didn’t think twice about it. It’s a song that was written very fast and we just did what felt natural.


This song was written a while ago at a time in our career where we went from being a rehearsal room band, to being a band people took notice of and started expecting great things from. It’s about our blossoming success and how blind it made us, how imprisoned we felt and how we fought to keep our integrity intact in a world where integrity is a rare phenomenon.

The Urge

‘The Urge’ wasn’t always the smash hit it is today. It actually started out as being kind of a simple, classic, riff based rock tune with a dusty and leaned back vibe. We all liked the song, but as we recorded it, the song didn’t really seem to reach its full potential, and we couldn’t quite figure out what to do about it. Then our producer, Mads Bergland, did something completely mental. He replaced all of the rhythm guitar in the song, with a synth bass. The first time we listened to it we were in chock. It was so unlike anything we had ever done musically. But then it just started to make sense, and now none of us can even remember the original idea. It was exactly what needed to be done to the song!


Out of another jam, during which Andrea at one point starts singing “jesus will sleep with the fishes tonight”, ‘Jesusfreaks’ was born. After that it came together pretty fast and ended up being about losing yourself sometimes and not thinking… Which can have fatal consequences. We had a little trouble making the song as heavy as it had to be when we recorded it, but in the mix it gained the required heavyness.

Baby In Vain are are set to join The Kills on their forthcoming European tour. Catch them at:

01 Melkweg, Amsterdam (w/ The Kills)
03 La Cigale, Paris (w/ The Kills)
04 Village Underground, London (w/ The Kills)
05 Dalston Victoria, London

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