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Track By Track: Witterquick – Beneath The Spinning Lights

Witterquick let us in on the thoughts behind their new EP, out now.

Track By Track: Witterquick – Beneath The Spinning Lights

Exeter-based five-piece Witterquick have just released their debut EP ‘Beneath The Spinning Lights’, out now through LAB Records. Recorded with producer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Twin Atlantic) at his studio in Cardiff, the release sees the band try out rock solos, high notes and epic drums. Here, frontman Will and bassist Ollie talk us through the EP track by track.


Ollie: ‘Soldiers’ was one of those songs that came together really quickly, it pretty much wrote itself. Will had the vocal melody and that opening guitar hook going round and round his head for a few days, the rest of the song just fell into place. 
It was the ideal first single for us, ’cause it’s kind of our rock anthem, it’s the song on the EP that really showcases our personal styles and music tastes, it’s pretty well balanced, from the anthemic 80s rock vibe to the big poppy singalong chorus. It’s also the most dynamic I think, it was fun to play with that, those little guitar and bass stabs in the verse. Lots of bits like that were impromptu when we were recording. We wanted a punchy rock solo, no one really does them anymore. The first take really captured the energy perfectly, Nate did a really good job considering it was all improvised. ‘Soldiers’ is about battling for something that you love, but not giving up, even at the hardest points, I think that everyone can relate to that.

Fade Out

Ollie: ‘Fade Out’ is our most dancey song, it has a lot of energy and it’s probably my favourite song from the EP to play live. The bass run in the second verse is so fun, theres a really nice groove. 
The vocal harmonies are so high in this song, I remember Will almost passing out singing the chorus, I still don’t know how he hit the high notes like that, but ‘Fade Out’ really showcases his vocal range. 
Will and I had a lot of fun writing the lyrics, and its been one that the fans have really connected with lyrically. We’ve had messages from fans saying that its helped them with things they are going through, which for us is a big deal, affecting someone in a positive way is a pretty humbling experience. 

The Road

Will: ’The Road’ was one of the first songs we wrote as a band, and one of the last ones to be heard. It’s a song all about the vibes, and it’s always been a favourite of ours. It sits on a really nice groove, especially in the second verse, and really showcases the dynamics in Joe’s drumming, Romesh really nailed the drum sound on this one. We’re really excited for people to hear this when the EP is out. 

Wayward Signs

Will: The idea of ‘Wayward Signs’ was for it to be like our dark fairytale, it’s the closest thing to a ballad we have I think. It was initially demoed as a semi-acoustic number with no drums, but we wanted to make it as epic as we could, so we added drums after the first verse, and Will added these amazing piano chords too, plus we got to play around with an Ebow for the middle eight, that was really fun.
One of the first times we played this, the audience all held up their phone lights, it was a pretty emotional moment. 


Will: I sent Ollie the initial demo for ‘Rise’, which at that time consisted of only piano and vocal. He listened to the song on loop all the way up to London, which is a four hour train ride away from where we live. 
It’s become a pretty special song for all the band, its about having the courage to chase your dreams, and picking yourself up and carrying on even when things seem hopeless. It really captured that moment in our lives and it was the first time that we realised that we had something special, that we weren’t just five guys playing some songs, we were a band that could actually make it and stand out.

Witterquick’s EP ‘Beneath The Spinning Lights’ is out now.

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