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Track By Track: Sløtface – Sponge State EP

Sløtface lift the lid on their new EP, one track at a time.

Track By Track: Sløtface – Sponge State EP

Norwegian pop-punk quartet Sløtface today (Friday 27th May) release their new EP ‘Sponge State’ via Propeller Recordings. It’s their first since being forced to change their name from Slutface due to “social media censorship” earlier this year; and it’s a call to arms. Here, the band talk us through the release track by track. You can also read Upset’s 5* review here, or in our June issue (coming soon).

Get My Own

‘Get My Own’ is kind of our manifesto of some women’s issues that are important to us. It is a song about how women deserve more space than they are given. It also shows a sense of optimism because we feel things are getting better for women in the world, and more and more people are aware of and behind the feminist cause. The EP was recorded in two sessions with two tracks from each session. This one was part of the first session with Marius Drogsås Hagen and Marcus Forsgren, both in fantastic Norwegian bands Team Me and Bror Forsgren respectively. We spent a weekend with them wearing gold trousers, eating pizza and smashing guitars. 

Kill ‘Em With Kindness

This one is actually an old song that we re-recorded in our second session with producer Dan Austin. It was recorded at Ocean Sounds Recordings, a beautiful seaside recording studio on the west coast of Norway along with track 3 ‘Sponge State’ and a few other songs that we will be releasing later. The song is about the way that press sometimes seems to be waiting for artists to fail, and how that is always a better story than a success. Especially when it comes to young female artists and scandals. 

Sponge State 

Second track from our Dan Austin session and our latest single. It tackles the issue of apathy in our peers. How people keep saying they want to make the world a better place, but it isn´t enough to share a post or tweet. True social change comes about by being an active and engaged part of society and standing up for things you believe in. We filmed the video for this song in the freezing weather supporting some Norwegian protesters who are doing just what the song is about, getting engaged in important issues. This was the last track we wrote for this session, and we were actually not sure if it would make the recording cut, luckily it did as it is one of our favourites on the EP and to play live. 

Shave My Head

We felt this one would be the best track to end the EP with as it ends in a screaming shouting mess of feedback and yelling. We actually smashed a guitar by jumping up and down on it for the guitar feedback. The song is a comment on the way we as a society have pretty strict codes for how women should act and what they can be. That image of what a woman is, often reinforced through popular culture, for instance how men with mental health issues are portrayed as tortured geniuses, but women are crazy bitches. With this song we´re trying to tell people, especially women, that you don´t have to fit in with anyone’s gender expectations, your feelings are real and you never have to change for anyone. Produced by Marius and Marcus in our first session. 

Sløtface’s EP ‘Sponge State’ is out now.

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