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May 2021

Track by Track: Cold Years - Paradise

Find out all about the band's new album, track by track.
Published: 2:53 pm, September 05, 2020
Track by Track: Cold Years - Paradise

It’s a little ironic that Cold Years’ debut tackles themes of wanting to get away from home at a point where we’re all being advised to stay indoors, innit. Frontman Ross Gordon talks us through ‘Paradise’, track by track.


This is one of my favourite songs on the record. I remember watching my sister get married and just feeling so happy for her. Her whole life was coming together, and mine was in the trash. It's all about the bond we grew as siblings and the support she gave me through all of the hardships I went through. Family is so important, and I took it for granted for so long. The arrangement is super theatrical and builds and then explodes. It hits me in the chest every single time.

Life With A View

This song is the first song on the record that kind of brings this theory of foreshadowing to the table. It's about cutting a better life for yourself and just living every single second of it like it's your last. Push everything as hard as you can and live the way you want to live. It's like four chords, and it's just such a simple message. Don't give a fuck and just be happy.

Night Like This

I was terrible at dating! I am so awkward when I meet new people, and I messed a lot of relationships when I was younger, and this is like, "I don't wanna go meet someone new and then screw that up too." I guess it's like a resentment of myself and all the flaws I had/have, but then you're like, well these flaws are mine, and I don't care and if you don't like them then goodbye. I went through a divorce and a really stupid relationship between this record and the last, and this a kind of screw you to that.

Northern Blues

A song that just really pulls on how miserable being in Aberdeen is when you're sad. It's such a small town, and all your mistakes will follow you everywhere. I hate that about this place. I really hate it. I do, however, love it too because it's where I grew up. I've never left here. That song pulls on that where I'm now like, nah, I'm done being scared. I want out. I want to go see what the real world is like instead of being in this bubble all the time.


The first song we wrote for the record. At the time we already had an album written then came back from touring, wrote this, and scrapped everything and started again. It's about having a reason to live, and falling back in love with life again. So many exciting things were happening for our band at the time, and it was like a fresh start.

The Waits

This is an old song from our first record which we reworked. We'd started playing it live in this format, and I think it just deserved another chance.
It's almost like this poppy Lewis Capaldi thing now, with this huge ending. It literally drains me live because the vocals are so pushed. But it's like a massive release to play.

Burn The House Down

One of 2 politically motivated tracks on the record. Our generation is fucked. It's overdrawn, we will never be debt-free, we will never own anything, the generation before conditioned us to want those things we will never have. It's a hard track. And it's super tough live because it's so fast and powerful. It's just pure fucking punk rock.


Hello foreshadowing. Always wanted someone I couldn't get enough of, never had it. It's about connecting with someone on a level you can't even describe and just being completely alive. It's probably the most explicit thing I've ever put to paper in terms of honesty. It's dirty, it's raw, and it's just this bolt of energy.

Too Far Gone

Song of reflection. I spent a lot of time last year partying too hard to cope with how crap my life had become. It was a way out for me. And I was like, maybe it's too late for me to change or to progress on life. This song was half-written when we came to the studio, and it ended up being what it is. Pulls a lot on Americana, and is really gonna be one of my favourite songs to play live.

Hold On

This song is really about watching all my friends screw it up, and being there for them through it all like they've been there for me. I have the most incredible friends, and we've been there for each other through thick and thin. Everyone has a point in their life where they are holding on by the skin of their teeth with no idea what they are doing.


A song about how everyone gives up on their dreams far too easily: I've been guilty of this in the past. If you get to a point where you're given the opportunity to pursue them just fucking go for it. Don't listen to negative people, don't listen to people who can't stomach it or support you, cut them off. They aren't worth it.


The second political track off this record. It's so angry. It's a fuck you to anyone who voted for Brexit, anyone who is intolerant, racist, homophobic, xenophobic or votes for the Tory party, in general, to be honest. Put them all in the North Sea on a boat and sink it.


A couple years back I lost my dog. I had to put him down for medical reasons, and it was one of the hardest things I had to do. At the time I lived alone in a house in the middle of nowhere cut off from everything and everyone, and I just saw him everywhere. This was so hard to record, but it was vital for me in terms of healing from it.

Taken from the September issue of Upset, out now. Cold Years' debut album 'Paradise' is out 4th September

September 2020
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September 2020

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