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Tour Diary: Boyfriends, on the road with Tacocat

See what the band got up to on the road.

Tour Diary: Boyfriends, on the road with Tacocat

Punk four-piece Boyfriends have recently finished up a tour of the East Coast (US) with Upset faves and fellow Seattleites Tacocat. While on the road, the band took a few snaps for us – see what they got up to below, and check out ‘Pleasures’ from their recent 7” ‘I Thought We Had Plans’.

NYC, Shawn in Front of Bath-house. Going to the Russian bath is a new pre-show ritual for Boyfriends. Before every show we generally spend between 6-9 hours schvitzing; cold plunging, lathering, checking each other out, and steam room wrestling.

Washington DC – Josh. One of our favorite bands/looks/attitudes of tour was Homosuperior. So fucking dope. So cool. So gooooood.

Durham, North Carolina – Fuck U Pat McCroy. Fuck you Pat McCroy.

Nashville – Jack White. Shawny, Dugi, and Bree woke up early to go to 3rd Man Records, Jack White’s record shop/recording studio/tesla charger/expensive hang-out place. Shawn was eager to use the automatic recording studio, the only working one on planet Earth. It works like a photo booth except instead of photos you go in and record a song and it instantly presses it to a 7’’ vinyl. Jack White was spotted looking like he’d just sniffed an egger fart.

Somewhere – Sleeping. One of the less glamorous aspects of touring when you’re not yet a megastar is sleeping arrangements. Hotels are not always in the budget and more often than not you find yourself crashing on an opening bands floor, sharing a couch, a broken couch, a sectional couch, or, in this case, a slim outdoor porch couch. This was actually a very nice sleeping arrangement.

NYC – Dugi at High Times. We got high. We went to High Times.

Philadelphia – Sk8 or Die. Here we have the tender moment of one touring band helping out another. Mikey, crooner of Boyfriends, guides Emily, punk singer of Tacocat, down the street safely, so as to not get hit by traffic or bit by a dog.

Richmond, Virginia – Atta Girl. Atta Girl is definitely one of my favorite bands we got to play with. They just released a tape and it’s siiiiiiiick. It’s up on their bandcamp. I can’t stop listening to the songs Vagacadabra and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Atlanta aka “Hotlanta” – Make-up/Hair. It was Sergio’s turn to be the diva that night in Atlanta, soooooo we spent 4 hours leading up to the show exfoliating his face, popping pimples, waxing his nipples/grundle, and doing his hair and make-up. If you ever get the chance, touch his eyebrows. They are bunny soft.

Rocky Mountains – Flasher. Sometimes, when driving 4-8 hours a day in a van with 3 other humans, even ones whom you love, tensions will arise, naturally. The best way to alleviate these inter-band tensions is to drive straight to the coldest body of water you see on a map, get naked, and cleanse yourself. Works best if the water is 40 degrees fahrenheit or below. Also works great for hangovers.

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