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Sorority Noise: “I couldn’t think of a better band to share the experience with”

Sorority Noise hit the UK this month, with a run that includes two shows with Modern Baseball.

Sorority Noise: “I couldn’t think of a better band to share the experience with”

Not many bands get a guaranteed audience of at least 1,500 people the first time they play a country. Hell, not many bands get to play to 1,500 people on one tour in any country at any point in their career. For Sorority Noise, however, this is exactly what’s happening to them when they head over to the UK later this month.

That 1,500 figure is a bare minimum, too, since it comes from the two sold out dates in London and Manchester they’re playing with Modern Baseball alone. The final headcount for their time away from home will be even larger still considering that they’ve also got Nottingham, Leeds and Brighton dates that they’ll be headlining themselves.

It’s a huge luxury afforded to the band, but it’s one that they no doubt deserve after dropping one of the best albums of last year in ‘Joy, Departed’ and Cam Boucher, SoNo’s vocalist and guitarist, isn’t taking for granted the sheer size of the opportunity ahead of him.

“This is my first time playing in a country that is not directly connected to the United States,” he starts. “And I’m definitely overwhelmed with both excitement and anxiety. It’s always been weird for me to gestate that anyone would be interested in seeing a band I’m performing in play in my hometown, let alone in Europe.”

Overwhelmed though he may be, it’s no small help that his camp and Modern Baseball are so tightly knit.

“Definitely, [touring with them makes it less daunting],” says Cam. “Bren[-dan Lukens, MoBo vocalist] is my roommate and has been one of my best buds for about three years now and I recently just finished building a recording studio with Jake [Ewald, MoBo guitarist] and Ian [Farmer, MoBo bassist], I’m incredibly grateful for their constant support and encouragement and it’s been truly exciting to watch their band grow into something truly outstanding. It’ll be nice to have them with us, they’re our dear friends and I couldn’t think of a better band to share the experience with.”

Sorority Noise and fraternal love aren’t the only matters at hand during Cam’s trip to the UK however, his ‘other band’, Old Gray (which was active for some time before SoNo came to be) are also making an ultra rare appearance. They first appear at a free show at London’s Old Blue Last before, in Green Day/Foxboro Hot Tubs fashion, Boucher and two of his SoNo bandmates – Charlie Singer (drums) and Adam Ackerman (guitar) pull double-duty as Old Gray play support to Sorority Noise in Brighton.

Cam has hinted heavily on social media that it could be one of the last chances to see Old Gray in action over here, but is slightly more reassuring when pressed about it formally. “It’s not to say that [Old Gray] aren’t working on new material, just that I’ve had my priorities switched around and I’m not sure when we’ll be back.”

Potential ‘last chances’ aside though, if any of these ridiculously brilliant lineups are appearing at a show anywhere near you, you’d be very silly to miss it. In Sorority Noise’s case especially, there probably won’t be too many more tours before they’re the headliners at these venues themselves.

Sorority Noise’s UK dates read

22 Rock City Basement, Nottingham
23 Key Club, Leeds
24 Stick Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton (w/ Old Gray)
25 Electric Ballroom, London (w/ Modern Baseball)
26 Gorilla, Manchester (w/ Modern Baseball)

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