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May 2021

ROAM: "We want to develop as a band"

ROAM frontman Alex Costello spills the beans on the band’s debut.
Published: 3:05 pm, November 13, 2015
ROAM: "We want to develop as a band"
Eastbourne-based five piece ROAM have just finished a lengthy tour with Knuckle Puck and State Champs, and performed at Warped Tour UK; they’ve also not long finished their debut album for legendary US label, Hopeless Records, due out early next year.

“We started last January and took until August to finish it,” says frontman Alex Costello. “But being patient and having time to come away at times and re-think a lot of things definitely made a difference. As you only get one debut album, it has to be right. We cannot wait to get this album out there.

“We wanted a change from the EPs,” he explains, referencing the band’s previous releases. “We want to develop as a band, improve our sound and songwriting. So we ventured into listening to all types of music analysing structures, transitions and chord progressions. We wanted to write bigger songs and I think we have done.”

What do you think is most key to making a really great album?

“I would say making sure you’re giving the audience something they know as familiar to them, but with a difference. Also, listening to anything, because you can learn from anything.”

“Before the recording process we had all the songs' structures pretty much done,” Alex continues. “But some structures did change including ‘Goodbyes’ and especially ‘Hopeless Case’ in the studio. Rhythm section was pretty much nailed before recording. I'd say some lead lines and octave parts were thought out a lot more in the studio.

“Working with [producer] Drew Lawson, he is very on top of it - tuning has to be perfect. Sam [Veness, guitar] and Alex [Adam, guitar] probably spent more time tuning than playing. Lyrics and melodies were pretty much the last parts, fitting it altogether. Before we went into the studio, we had choruses for every song but some did change in the studio, including ‘All The Same’ and ‘RIP In Peace’.”

As for the band’s plans before the record is released, “I’d say we'd hopefully have two or three songs out along with videos, and we're heading to the US this winter for a co-headline tour with Handguns which is gonna rule. We plan to kick 2016 off with loads of touring, and have some sick stuff in the diary we can't wait to announce.”

Taken from the November issue of Upset, out now - order your copy here. ROAM’s album ‘Backbone’ will be released on 22nd January.

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