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Reading vs Leeds – the bands decide

We make them pick sides, they sometimes make up silly reasons.

Reading vs Leeds – the bands decide

Reading or Leeds: most fans have a favourite (and it’s usually the one they live closest to). But bands get to experience both, so which comes out on top for them? (Troublemakers? Us? What?)

“READING! Leeds is such a wicked place, but the first time we played I was getting electrocuted from the mic right up until we had to play, it was an absolute disaster.” – Mark, Black Foxxes

“Although I’m a native Northerner, I have to say Reading judged on last year’s reaction. I hope Leeds can prove us wrong this year and blow Reading out of the water, watch this space…” – Mattie, VANT

“Whichever one isn’t getting pelted by rain? I dunno. I think I like the surroundings at Leeds a bit better, but don’t have much of a preference either way. We’ve had a blast playing both places. I guess it all comes down to the vibe of the crowd and the weather cooperating.” – Riley, Thrice

“Well, Leeds is excellent because it’s full of glorious northerners, however I grew up with Reading, so I’ll have to say Reading (by a whisker).” – Matt, Heck

“This is a tough question but seeing as I am from the south coast it has to be Reading. We managed to spend Saturday and Sunday at Reading in 2013 so have fond memories of our time there. Also Leeds took my shoes.” – Adam, Arcane Roots

“Probably Reading because it rhymes with the word wedding.” – Seb, SWMRS

“As a Southerner, Reading (sorry Leeds). Probably only because all my friends go to Reading so it’s more of an opportunity to see them.” – James, Deaf Havana

Reading, by a country mile. What do we learn from this? Mostly it seems that Southerners are more likely to answer silly polls sent them by music mags, and SWMRS are fans of marriage?

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