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March 2020
Reading & Leeds

Reading & Leeds 2019: The Faim are coming over to preview their debut album

Josh answers a few of our festival Qs.
Published: 9:00 am, August 23, 2019 Photos: Sarah Louise Bennett.
Reading & Leeds 2019: The Faim are coming over to preview their debut album

This Bank Holiday weekend, the likes of Twenty One Pilots, Foo Fighters, PVRIS, The Distillers and more will descend on Reading & Leeds for one of the biggest events of the music calendar. Taking their place amongst the buzz are The Faim, ahead of their upcoming debut album.

Hello Josh, how are you doing?

Besides being incredibly exhausted, I'm very well, thank you! Beyond excited for this year with upcoming debut album!

How's your debut album coming along, all good? Nearly done?

It's been a very long, stressful, emotional and intense process but we wouldn't have it any other way. It's at the very final stages of finishing; we're all so proud of how far we've progressed as a band in such a short space of time. There's a level of honesty I found within myself in these songs that I didn't think I could find without the obstacles we've faced.

How have you found your time in the studio?

The studio is always a funny thing. You could spend 18 hours grinding out ideas and come out with absolutely nothing or go in for 30 minutes and finish an incredible song everyone can be proud of. We wanted to put our best foot forward in every way for this album so we made time to record whenever we could. It's been an on and off process in between touring for the last year and a half. Generally speaking, it's been a very intense process for all of us, but I feel like having our mental and physical comfort zones constantly challenged really brought out a rawness within ourselves that poured into these songs. It's exciting to see songs we wrote right after tour and songs from years ago be a part of the album. It's a testament to the sonic and concepts direction we want to take.

Have you guys been travelling for festivals much this summer already? Any particular faves? Any disasters?

We haven't stopped travelling for the last year and a half. There's been a lot of touring for support shows across the US, headline shows across the world, and we're currently getting ready for our EU/UK leg which consists of amazing festivals like Reading & Leeds, Frequency Festival, and Lollapalooza. We've played Reading & Leeds before, and it was still one of my favourite experiences to date. The amount of live videos I obsessed over, watching my favourite bands playing there and then having an opportunity to do the same is truly a humbling experience. On tour, things inevitably go wrong sometimes, but at the end of the day you can't control the sort of complications around you, you can only control your reaction to it.

What was the last festival you went to as a music fan, not because you were playing?

I've never actually been to a festival besides for when we've been playing. On top of being incredibly busy, being from Perth makes it so difficult because we're such an isolated city from the rest of Australia and it makes challenging for festivals from a logistical perspective.

How would you rate your camping skills out of ten?

10/10 easy. I'm the first to give up setting my tent in the way the instructions tell me and end up using a lot of duct tape and imagination. As much as I love camping, I could probably learn a thing or two.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Reading & Leeds this year?

I'd love to see EVERYBODY perform not just because I'm a fan, but you learn so much about an artist through a live performance. I love being able to see the unique ways musicians express themselves through music. But Foo Fighters are a band I would never skip out on seeing. Nothing could stop me from seeing that band if I had the chance.

Which of the headliners is your fave?

It's hard to pick a favourite amongst such a diverse group of artists with their own sonic identity. My music taste is quite eclectic, and I love exploring the intimate details that make a band unique. If I had to pick one, I'd pick the Foo Fighters because I'll always have a soft spot for Dave Grohl.

Who would you like to see top the bill in 2020?

A band I've been obsessing over the last year is called Nothing But Thieves and I honestly don't think I've heard a better band this year. The sheer musicianship, messages and emotion in their songs resonate so strongly, and there's such an honesty in their words. So real and so raw. And oh lord that voice, I think I'd turn to dust just hearing that voice live.

Do you have anything special planned for your set, like new material or a flashy stage set up? Do you have it all worked out yet?

Maybe we do. Maybe we don't. I'm quite impulsive, and I have soo many ideas on what I like to do on stage. I tend to let it come naturally in the moment of the show though; I want people to see two shows in a row and feel like they've seen two different performances.

What else have you got coming up this year?

Besides plenty of shows and an album, we're going to be making plans for next year, and before our Christmas break, we plan on more touring so we can give our album the chance it deserves. There's some incredibly exciting times ahead, and I can't wait for the world to come along for the ride.

Taken from the September issue of Upset. Reading & Leeds takes place from 23rd-25th August.

September 2019
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September 2019

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