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March 2020
Reading & Leeds

Reading & Leeds 2019: Dream State prepare to take it all in

Catch CJ and co. at this weekend's festival. 
Published: 9:00 am, August 23, 2019
Reading & Leeds 2019: Dream State prepare to take it all in

This Bank Holiday weekend, the likes of Twenty One Pilots, Foo Fighters, PVRIS, The Distillers and more will descend on Reading & Leeds for one of the biggest events of the music calendar. Taking their place amongst the buzz are Dream State, and they're looking forward to getting stuck in.

Hello CJ! How are you doing?

I'm doing really, really good, in a very positive mindset. Ready to talk music.

How's your debut album coming along, all good? Nearly done?

In terms of writing and recording, it's all done and dusted. It has been a whirlwind of an experience, but a wonderful one and we are so proud of what we have achieved. There's no limit to the sounds, and we've taken it in various directions while sticking to our roots.

Have you settled on a title?

We have indeed, it ties up the last two years quite well, we think everyone will understand it once they spend time with the album.

How have you enjoyed 2019 so far? What've been your highlights?

Yes, it's been full of music, art and a lot of experiences that have brought about personal growth. Going to Australia in January was a big moment for us so far, we finished off the majority of the album there, and we're happy we decided to do that, the vibe out there is different and was paramount to our works. The best so far has to be our headline tour though; it was our biggest yet and the love we received left us speechless, no words good enough to describe the feelings you know? Very grateful.

Have you guys been travelling for festivals much this summer already? Any particular faves? Any disasters?

Unify Gathering in January, it was our debut appearance, and it was incredible, the festival itself is amazing, the energy and love we received was life-affirming. Heading to do Groezrock was a nightmare, what should have taken 4 hours, took around 12-14 hours due to constant traffic issues and problems along the way, there and back. We have just done 2000trees and played mainstage, and again the reception from everyone was incredible, and we are left lost for words, just want to hug everyone and thank them constantly!

What was the last festival you went to as a music fan, not because you were playing?

Download three years ago, since then it's all been because we have played! Haven't had much time to attend many others, unfortunately.

How would you rate your camping skills out of ten?

I love camping. At first I was around a 2, I sucked at it and brought way too many things all the time and ended up using a quarter of the things, now I'm about a 7. I still bring too much stuff but a lot less.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Reading & Leeds this year?

If I get a chance to - Billie Eilish, PVRIS, Foo Fighters and The 1975.

Which of the headliners is your fave?

Foo Fighters, because I love them. They write bangers, and I feel that music the most.

Who would you like to see top the bill in 2020?

That is a hard one. I'd like to see everyone succeed, maybe PVRIS or our friends who are killing it at the moment like the boys in Neck Deep or bands like Enter Shakari, who are a personal favourite of mine.

Do you have anything special planned for your set, like new material or a flashy stage set up? Do you have it all worked out yet?

We are in the process of developing our live act now, nothing set in stone, but plans are being made yes.

What else have you got coming up this year?


Taken from the September issue of Upset. Reading & Leeds takes place from 23rd-25th August.

September 2019
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September 2019

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