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August 2021

The deluxe edition of PVRIS' White Noise shows "a transition" for the band

"It’s a very different side to PVRIS that people haven’t seen yet.”
Published: 10:00 am, April 21, 2016
The deluxe edition of PVRIS' White Noise shows "a transition" for the band
PVRIS are releasing the deluxe edition of their debut album ‘White Noise’ this week. Instead of tacking on a couple of demos, remixes and live takes to the record, the band have carefully crafted a stepping stone between their past and their future. For a start, there are two new tracks which show off new edges to PVRIS’ every shifting shape.

“They’re a transition, almost, but they’re packaged with White Noise because they were written right around the same time,” starts Lynn. "‘Empty’ was one of the tracks that we had planned to have on the record originally. I’m not going to give too much away about the song but it was very rock driven and really heavy, gritty and aggressive but there was something that wasn’t right with it.”

The band decided to wait on it and come back another time. “When we found out we were doing the deluxe, we decided to open that one back up and go into it. We were working on it over the summer. When we were on Warped tour we’d fly back to New York to work on it with Blake (Harnage, producer). Something just wasn’t right with it so we completely stripped it down, left just the vocals and then built around that. We made something completely different to what we originally planned to do and this time around, it translated how we wanted it to. It definitely resonated with me emotionally a lot more. Lyrically it was a lot more relevant coming back to it than when we started so, yeah, I’m excited for people to hear that one. It’s a very different side to PVRIS that people haven’t seen yet.”

You and I’ is the newest song we’ll hear from PVRIS (for the time being). Written in January of 2015 shortly after ‘White Noise’ came out it acts “as a little bit of a bridge to the next record. It came out at the perfect time in a way. There’s elements of it, production wise, that will definitely be included on the next record.” As grand as ‘White Noise’ is, there’s still a basement mentality to it. There’s nothing like that holding ‘You and I’ back. Going bigger is “is what we want to try and do on the next record. We’ll have a much bigger environment,” starts Lynn before biting her tongue.

One thing that won’t affect album two though is the audience. “First and foremost we’re writing music that feels good to us and if people pick up on it and like it, than that’s icing on the cake. I’ve thought about this a lot, when people ask if I write for myself or if I write for other people,” explains Lynn. “It sounds selfish but if you write for yourself then as long as what you’re doing is honest, real, true and feels good to you, then that’s going to translate into speaking to other people. If you go in with that approach, it’s going to translate. People will pick up on it and you will be writing for other people.

"We went into ‘White Noise’ wanting to make solid music and make something we’re proud of. It’s translated that way and a lot of people have really picked up on it, the reaction's been awesome. If we continue to have that same approach, just make it as best you can and be as proud of it as you possibly can, it’ll speak for itself.”

Alongside the new material, the reissue also comes with a DVD featuring glitching music videos for all the tracks on the record. You can sit down and watch the band’s world unfurl, which is something the band want to explore in the future. “I don’t know if we’ll be able to do that with the second record but eventually it’ll be so sick to pop a DVD in and watch the record front to back, like a movie. Florence and the Machine’s newest record is very much like that. You can watch the videos in order. They’re all very different to each other but they’re all very cohesive, well put together and themed at the same time.”

It’s not just Florence that the band admire for having a creative vision. It’s something all their favourite artists already do. “We kinda pick from that,” explains Brian as Lynn adds. “It’s very dialled in and cohesive. We really want to hone in on that. It’ll be cool to make something that great.”

White Noise (Deluxe Edition) is out April 22nd on Rise Records. For more from PVRIS, check out the April issue of Upset where the band take on your questions.

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