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August 2019

About to Break: Polish Club

Say hi to Aussie newcomers, Polish Club.
Published: 11:36 am, December 17, 2018Words: Sam Taylor.
About to Break: Polish Club

Aussie newcomers Polish Club straddle the line between rambunctious, cheeky punk about partying and having a good time, and more groove-laden soul-influenced rock’n’roll. The duo - David Novak (vocals, guitar) and John-Henry Pajak (drums) - are currently working their way towards a new album, due early next year, after their 2017 debut ‘Alright Already’ was nominated for the prestigious ARIA Award for Best Rock Album in their home country. Fancy.

Hey Novak, when did you first realise you wanted to make music for a living, and is it everything you hoped it would be?
I mean, define “make music for a living”. It’s always the goal really, but right now it looks like living at home with your folks (who are rad) and living off free clothes from generous brands. Not complaining though, that’s more than I’d ever expected to achieve.

Did songwriting come naturally to you? Can you remember what your early songs were about?
Our first songs were a bit too far into the R&B/soul area, and it wasn’t until John told me to sing as loud as I could that things started to not be totally lame. Fortunately, it worked. I think.

Where did you guys meet, and what prompted you to start making music together?
We’ve known each other since almost high school and knew we could play music decently enough. I asked John to play in my high school band, and we eventually culled the other two and streamlined it into a lean two piece that we could afford to tour.

How does being in Polish Club differ from your previous bands?
It’s not shit. That’s always a plus.

How have you found getting out of Australia? Is it tough to crack further afield?
It’s way more competitive, and people seem to be obsessed and tired of the whole two-piece schtick. Little do they realise that’s it’s not a big deal, and it’s the cheapest way to get shit done.

You've toured with some great acts, what have been the highlights of your time on the road so far?
We’re currently on tour with two German bands, Razz and Abay and we could not be more fishes out of water. It’s our first time on a tour bus, and I’m panicking about where I can shower and go number two. It’s hilarious.

It must feel good to have your album out, was it a long time in the works?
For international audiences, yes. We had it out in Australia for quite a while before we could get it released overseas, so it’s felt like the longest musical pregnancy ever. But def still not as bad as actual pregnancy.

Did releasing the album open any unexpected doors for you?
Yes. Specifically doors to Europe. It’s totally pointless coming here if you don’t have new music. So now we are just relieved that we can have the world on an even keel where everything is synced up.

What do you want listeners to take away from your music?
Orgasms or tears. Preferably both.

Are you already cracking on with new material?
Yeah, our new single ‘Clarity’ is actually out now. It’s the first song we’ve properly released internationally at the same time as Australia so we couldn’t be happier. It’s also awesome. Listen to it.

Do you have big plans for 2019?
We just want to get our second album out so we can do a proper Euro tour of our own. That would be swell, thanks.

Taken from the December 2018 / January 2019 issue of Upset.

December 2018 / January 2019
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