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Partybaby: “You Never Know What’s Going To Happen”

Partybaby are all about fun.

Partybaby: “You Never Know What’s Going To Happen”

It sounds like the plot of a questionable Hollywood movie, but Partybaby were never really meant to be a band. They made a record, sure, but it was just for them. Locked in their studio in LA, the band started making music away from the rest of the world until their friends, who used the back room as an office, heard snippets and wanted to hear more. Eventually Noah Gersh and Jamie Schefman let them in. Word spread, a CD was burned and stolen by a buddy who was also an up and coming A&R at a record label and, well, there’s no escaping it now. Partybaby are here for a good time.

“He stole the songs off of the computer when they were demos in their infancy,” starts Jamie with a grin. “And he gave them to the head of a very big record label which started a very wild chain of events which led us here,” continues Noah, smiling, as he looks around the Brighton seafront, having just played their first ever show in the UK. There’s a bemusement to how the pair got to this point, but they’re not the type to dwell on the past. They’re just happy to be here. That first show outside of America was “really special,” they explain. “You never know what’s going to happen, you feel like you could implode on stage pretty easily but everyone was super nice and no one got super fucked up and the energy was really good. You can’t ask for much more.”

Partybaby have crashed into our lives with three tracks to their name, ‘I Don’t Want To Wait’, ‘Your Old Man’ and ‘Everything’s All Right’, but there’s more to come. “We made all this music before there was ever an idea to be a band. Those three songs are part of an album. We wrote, just the two of us, just to have some fun,” explains Noah. “There were all sorts of limitations set on it. We’re never going to play a show. We’re never going to give it to anyone. We were really, really just doing it to have fun.” And while they haven’t exactly stuck to the plan, Partybaby are very much up for the ride. “It’s crazy every single day that people are even the slightest bit into it.”

“The idea behind everything we do is get back to wherever makes you the most happy and that’s what this music is for us. The fact there are people here to share it with, it is the craziest thing in the world but it’s why you wake up every day,” admits Jamie. “We make everything ourselves. We don’t need to ask permission to book a studio because we have our own space and we don’t need to ask anyone’s permission to try a song. We can spin ourselves in circles. It’s really nice to be self-sufficient in that sense and because of that, we can write, record and do everything really fast.”

“And try,” adds Noah. “We can try a lot of stuff. This project was about finding our way back to joy and happiness and doing it through it the means of what used to get us there, which was music. We had to reconnect to that. Nothing gets put to tape that doesn’t make us feel that way. I think Partybaby is about being disillusioned with the world. We’re tremendously anxious people and it’s pretty heavy, it’s kinda like letting people read our diaries a little bit but also, that’s why it’s so cathartic.”

“Right!” agrees Jamie. “We’d become a little bit jaded with music and the business, as it were, and in our own lives as touring musicians in other projects. We wanted to get back to that feeling of when you’re ten years old, holding your first guitar that you don’t know how to play and singing along to your favourite record in front of the mirror. Everything that we do tries to stem from that, that point of joy and honesty and self-worth. There’s some primal, inner honesty to this band and some people seem to connect to it.”

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