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Parkway Drive have started writing a new album

Winston spills the beans a few moments after his Reading debut.

Parkway Drive have started writing a new album

Parkway Drive may not have been to Reading and Leeds festivals before, but they sure as hell don’t show it. Their main stage debut, sharing a bill alongside Imagine Dragons and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, may set them as outsiders of sorts, but they took the stage and commanded the thousands before them as if it was nothing.

“This is the first time we’ve been to Reading so it’s all happening and I’m going ‘Is this good?’,” explains vocalists Winston McCall. “I thought it was sweet. I think unless you judge it well you can get worn out very quickly which I kind of did today. I think my adrenaline was so high that I peaked twenty seconds into the gig and was like ‘Oh god!’.”

The line-up they find themselves on has further thrown expectations out the door. “You stand on stage and you don’t sing a single note, you just yell, doing what we do,” he says. “We had no idea what to expect so to have a response like that is very, very fantastic. At the end of the day, we love doing what we do. We love having fun and we love other people enjoying it so the more people that we can drag into that the better.

“No matter what the lyrical content, the result of this band is us being able to do something that we very much enjoy doing and even if something comes from a negative place, the result of it is positivity. It’s really damned fun to do what we do, like it’s adrenaline-charged, it’s head-kicking, it’s intense, it’s not something that I want people to be brought down by, it’s something I want people to be lifted up by.”

For Parkway, it’s been all about the deluxe re-release of ‘Ire’ lately, with a few extra songs on top. It was more that they didn’t fit with the next record “and we don’t like wasting things!”

Speaking of the new Parkway Drive record – it has begun, tentatively. “We started writing for it – a very small amount,” explains Winston. “That being said, the progress was astonishingly quick, like the amount of stuff we want to create and the focus that we have for it came together really, really fast. We have a whole bunch of work, a whole bunch of time to do it. We plan on creating something that’s far bigger than anything that we’ve done, and I think we’ll have the time to actually do it. I think the skills and, I guess, the mindset, of knowing how to go about it. With the last record was a lot more ‘I hope this works’ right up until the last second, now we’re like ‘I want do to this’.

“It hasn’t been much, we’ve had a couple of weeks at home where we just sat down and started plonking things away and just had a whole bunch of concepts we were coming up with. It’s skeleton stuff but even the bones of what we have at the moment are very inspiring for us.”

With their last album taking three years of writing and re-writing, it seems Parkway have their eyes firmly set on where they go next. All we know so far is that it’s surprising and inspiring them – and it promises to be big.

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