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February 2022

Orchards: "We've channelled this pissed off energy into five absolutely banging tracks"

After a whole load of upheaval from 18-months of worldwide turmoil, Orchards are back - and they’re not shutting up now.
Published: 11:21 am, November 29, 2021
Orchards: "We've channelled this pissed off energy into five absolutely banging tracks"

New music from Orchards is pretty much always a nice time. Upbeat, fun and angsty in a we've-been-here-too-isn't-it-blah kinda way, the Brighton alt-pop group excel in creating bops ready-made for brightening up grey afternoons.

With their new EP, though, they're feeling it. 'Trust Issues' is no less relatable (as if), but it's the product of a period that's pulled the rug and sent everyone spinning.

"This EP is an angry (yet happy, we're still on brand!) call out to all the things that have given us trust issues in the last year," singer Lucy Evers explains. "We're not keeping our mouths shut now."

Hi Lucy! What are you up to today?

Currently drinking hot chocolate and watching Sky Sports News. How else would you spend an afternoon?! We are currently getting loose ends tied up for our EP release and getting merch ideas together for our 2022 tour.

So the past couple of years huh, they've been a lot. Are you guys coping with everything ok?

It's been difficult. Not just personally but musically. We thrive off live shows, it's where we feel most at home, and like a lot of musicians, it's where we can really let loose and shake everything off, which we could have definitely done with these past 20 months or so. We're soldiering through!

Your new EP feels quite angry, does that stem from personal stuff, or the wider' state of everything'? Or both?

A little of both. The EP is called 'Trust Issues', and it's truly because the last year has given me more trust issues than I even knew possible. The state of the world has definitely angered everybody, and it's rubbed off on us in this new record. There is anger in not being able to do what we love, at the wider impact of the last year, at the state we all find ourselves in and at the trials of modern life. We're normally a wholesome bunch (which we still are, always on brand), but we've channelled this pissed off energy into five absolutely banging tracks. Wall to wall ceiling punchers, as always!

Were these songs always intended to be released as an EP? How did you curate the tracklisting?

Absolutely. We wanted to put together everything we'd worked on over the last year. Whilst not being about to tour or 'be a band' in the traditional sense, we wanted to have something to show for cooped up creative minds. We spent lockdown dusting off our laptops and getting back to grips with recording ourselves; we would send each other ideas / demos / riffs constantly. When we could finally start getting back together, we spent lots of evenings huddled over laptops creating these songs. We came up with about ten demos and sent them over to our producer, spent an evening going through them all and whittled them down to these five. They perfectly represent our last year.
We also worked with a bunch of independent artists we love to create five remixes which also feature on the vinyl of 'Trust Issues'. We wanted to print the EP and the remixes on vinyl, but we already had a tour's worth of 'LOVECORE' vinyl printed and ready to go for our initial 2020 album tour. As there has been a vinyl shortage industry-wide for a while now, we didn't want to reprint. So the A-side of the new vinyl will hold these brand new tracks, and the B-side will house the five incredible remixes. Being the little eco-warriors we are, the 'Trust Issues' record will be printed on recycled vinyl, so each one is going to look a little different, and we're saving precious vinyl that would otherwise go to waste.

Is this 'a bit pissed off' vibe something you're going to take through to your next album, do you think?
I suppose it depends on what the world throws at us! I always say I'll never write about something I've not personally experienced; to me, that's selling a lie, and I don't want to do that. My lyrics reflect whatever state I'm in; I use it as a form of therapy. We are all fans of angrier / heavier styles of music; we're metalheads at heart. It's for sure something we are still bringing to the table while we write currently; our songs always tend to be a little angsty. I guess we are holding back a little less than before.

How have you handled not being able to play live, has that been tough? Are you having to do anything extra to prepare for your upcoming tour?

It sucks. Seriously sucks. Our live show is not only something we pride ourselves on but something we thrive off of. We did a load of virtual shows and sessions during lockdown, which were great fun, but they just aren't the same as being on a hot, sweaty stage at all. When we started to play shows again back in August and September, I think we didn't realise how much of a physical experience it is for us all; we were shattered! Cannot wait to get back on tour to get back to being a well-oiled machine!

What else are you working on at the mo?

Writing, creating and getting back to being us. Finding our feet and our place again in this industry and within ourselves. Suppose after this history-making year, we're really working on ourselves.

Taken from the December 2021 / January 2022 issue of Upset. Orchards' EP' Trust Issues' is out 26th November.

December 2021 / January 2022
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December 2021 / January 2022

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