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October 2022

Check out Nova Twins' Teenage Kicks playlist, feat. Toni Braxton, Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey and more

Take a wander through the duo's formative years.
Published: 9:27 am, September 05, 2022
Check out Nova Twins' Teenage Kicks playlist, feat. Toni Braxton, Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey and more

When you load up Spotify, a great big chunk of the time you can’t think what to play, right? You default back to your old favourites, those albums and songs you played on repeat when you first discovered you could make them yours.

This isn’t about guilty pleasures; it’s about those songs you’ll still be listening to when you’re old and in your rocking chair. So, enter Teenage Kicks - a playlist series that sees bands running through the music they listened to in their formative years.

Next up, Amy Love and Georgia South from Nova Twins.

Toni Braxton - Talking in His Sleep

Amy: My Mum used to play her album 'Secrets' on repeat! I remember hearing her low voice and being impressed with the impact it had on her music; I used to try and copy it when I was a kid. It definitely encouraged the low, sultry tones in my voice.

Betty Davis - Nasty Girl

Amy: I remember someone showing me her record 'Nasty Girl'. The way she let go of control in her voice but still demanded power was incredible. That song taught me how to push myself to the edge and to strive for passion and raw energy rather than perfection all of the time.

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

Amy: I love vocalists who play with a lot of characters in their voice and use it like a guitarist with a load of fx pedals would. It's something I have always done and enjoyed. You can do so much with your voice, and artists like Kate Bush really allowed me to experiment with my falsetto. She captured a whole mood and soundscape that teleported you into her world.

New York Dolls - Personality Crisis

Amy: They were my introduction to glam rock as a teenager. I loved how unhinged and flamboyant they all were. New York Dolls had great live energy, and I would blast songs like 'Personality Crisis' and 'Jet Boy', shouting from the top of my lungs. I knew from then on that I wanted to be a part of a noisy band.

N*E*R*D - Anti Matter

Georgia: I loved the album 'Seeing Sounds' growing up, I had it on repeat! When I first heard 'Anti Matter', the bassline was so fat and gnarly, I loved the tones, and it was so inspiring how it worked in relation to the track!

Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath

Georgia: Whenever you hear the drum beat in this song, you can't help but scrunch your face and groove. The layered drums and detail of all the snare rolls sound so delicious!! I love layering drums and making beats on logic, so this is deffo one of the tunes that sparked this for me. There are not a lot of other instruments in this song; it's purely driven by the drums. Blew my mind when I first heard it.

Far East Movement - Like A G6

Georgia: I was 13 when this came out, and I remember being obsessed with the synthy bassline and how it was driving the track with the sassy vocals on top. I would listen to it over and over again to listen to how each element in the song worked; it was defo inspiring to 13-year-old me!

Mariah Carey - Emotions (MTV Unplugged 1992 version)

Georgia: When I was really young, I had a Walkman with her MTV live show on CD; I'd play it on loop for hours on long car rides. It's packed with so much soul and infectious energy; the band and her vocals are insane. I would try and do her high whistles at home but end up annoying everyone as it sounded like I was just screaming, haha.

Taken from the September 2022 issue of Upset. Nova Twins' album 'Supernova' is out now.

September 2022
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September 2022

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