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No Devotion: “We’re figuring this one out realtime”

A year on since making their arrival, No Devotion are planning to unleash their statement of intent.

No Devotion: “We’re figuring this one out realtime”



<b>“It’s pretty easy to say we are excited about this record coming out,” starts Stuart Richardson, bassist and producer of No Devotion. The band have just confirmed plans to release their debut album, the aptly-titled ‘Permanence’. Set for release on 25th September, the full-length will not only be their first album proper, but it stands as a victory of its own, before it has even hit shelves.

“The inception of this band has been well documented,” Stuart – formerly of Lostprophets – explains.“The making of this record and our lives have been rife with problems, both public and personal – setbacks, heartbreaks, health issues and general frustrations. It has only made us more determined to put this out there. We believe in this record; at this point for me it is critic-proof. We finished it, we fucking won already. I feel like we have everything to prove and I can’t wait for it to come out so we can get back to playing live shows.”

Recorded in-part in Brooklyn with both Stuart and Alex Newport taking on production duties, it was an experience that the band truly enjoyed, even when faced against time constraints. “I loved recording in Brooklyn,” he offers. “I know people try to turn that place into a punchline but fuck that, it was great. The atmosphere is so different from LA, where we usually record. I was getting sick of recording there so the change was welcome. We were sleeping on floors and sofas in AirBnBs and we were working 16 and 18 hour days. We had five or six days to finish the record so we made every minute count.

“It was a fantastic experience – aside from the studio, we got to hang out with our Collect Records family. We played a show at Glasslands just before it closed and Sick Feeling lent us all of their gear to play the show. It just felt right.”

The album also marks the departure of the band’s drummer Luke Johnson, but boasts performances from both him and Bloc Party’s Matt Tong, who stepped in to complete the drum tracks. “I was stoked to get Matt Tong to play drums on a few of the songs,” Stuart says, “and it was amazing for me as the engineer and producer to record one of the most influential and most recognisable drummers in recent history. He killed it.”

As for Stuart’s favourite part of the whole process – aside from first meeting No Devotion frontman Geoff Rickly and realising that the ball was starting to roll – it was getting to work with Dave Fridmann, who mastered the album. “It was the mixing,” he says, “and seeing it all come together so I could take the backseat. Dave is just someone I have always admired and I love his attitude to making and mixing records. He doesn’t give a fuck; it’s a very simple process for him, or at least he makes it look simple. He’s a genius.

“I guess people are just trying way too hard to make things happen musically now,” he goes on, “and sweating the small stuff. Dave will just point a microphone at something, process it in a way that is just mind-blowing and have the balls to say it’s done. He commits, and I guess that’s a pretty old school way of doing things now.”

As for what they want ‘Permanence’ to say about their band, Stuart’s hopes are simple. “I would hope people will have an open mind about this record. It is a statement of intent that has been caught in its earliest form. I’m not some hollow hype guy who’s going to tell you we are the best thing since whatever the fuck the last best thing was… We’re figuring this out realtime. We’re proud of what we’ve done and we would hope people like it. We want to grow.” [icon type=”fa-stop” size=”icon-1x” ]

Taken from the August 2015 issue of Upset. No Devotion’s album ‘Permanence’ will be released on 25th September.

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